Terms of Service and Rules

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

The Snowblood Apple forums are carefully moderated and you should take every care to ensure your post meets the rules before you submit it for public viewing. We have a strict set of rules which will be enforced at all times by moderators and administrators. Please read these rules and understand them. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts and/or users at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to alter these terms at any time, without any notice or notification.

Section 1 - Account sign-up

1a. We reserve the right not to allow certain user names. Some will be blocked by the board; others will not be allowed by the forum administration. Under no circumstances will we accept obscene language, however mild, in user names. We do not allow URLs or addresses of external sites to be included in user names. If your user name is deemed unacceptable, you will be contacted.

1b. By registering as a user on these forums, you are stating that you are of a legal age to watch 'R' rated movies (or the equivalent) in your country. These boards contain material which is not suitable for minors; if you have not reached at least the age of 16 we suggest these boards are not for you. If you are not of a suitable age, DO NOT REGISTER.

1c. Multiple accounts are not permitted. We will delete multiple accounts. If you have a problem with an account, please PM or email a forum administrator - snowbloodforumATmandiappleDOTcom. Replace the AT with @ and DOT with .

1d. Change of username is also not allowed: this follows the same rule as for multiple accounts. That function is disabled on these boards.

1e. To sign up, you must provide a valid email address, which will be verified. If your email address is not verified, you will not be able to post.

1f. If you do not verify your email address (using the link in the confirmation email you receive) within one calendar month of signing up, your account will be deleted. If the verification email bounces, your account will be deleted straightaway.

1g. The Snowblood Apple moderation team reserves the right to edit user profiles if it is believed their contents are unsuitable.

Section 2 - Posting new threads

2a. It makes sense to centralise discussion about a single topic into a single thread. Therefore, before starting a new thread, search the forums to see if a thread already exists with this discussion, and add to it, rather than creating a new thread. If you don't, you'll find the moderators will lock the new thread and direct you back to the existing thread.

2b. Equally, if you want to post a "combination" thread comparing two movies, don't - please use the "This film or that film?" thread in General Palaver, otherwise your thread will be moved and/or deleted and/or locked.

2c. Posters that are deemed by the moderating team to have started three unecessary new threads will have their posting privileges restricted.

Section 3 - Content of posts

3a. Posts should be in plain text with the standard size and font of this forum. Posts in different fonts, colours or weights (for example bold or italics) will be edited or deleted.

3b. We will not tolerate posts which are antagonistic, abusive, aggressive, racist, sexist, homophobic or misogynistic or which are obscene or pornographic or which could be interpreted as spam, commercial or otherwise. If you spam the boards, you will be banned and reported to your Internet Service Provider.

3c. We will also not tolerate continual posts with little or no content which use these boards as free advertising for your own personal website. If you are discussing a specific film, you may of course post a link to your review of that film. Otherwise, your post will be interpreted as spam and deleted by a moderator or an administrator.

3d. We have a "rude words" filter which will automatically replace the f---word and the c--- word with a censored version - this is because we have some younger members of the forum, and this is appropriate and socially responsible. Excessive swearing will not be tolerated.

3e. References to illegal activities (including but not limited to, controlled substance abuse and illegal downloads of music and full movies) will also not be tolerated, and will be deleted by staff in whatever context they are found.

3f. Trolling (deliberate antagonism of users, moderators and/or administrators) will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in an immediate suspension, possibly leading to a permanent ban, subsequent to full discussion by all moderators.

3g. Rudeness to forum staff will result in an immediate formal warning, with no notification. Further incidents will lead to a suspension and/or ban. Complaints about forum staff should be made in private to an administrator via the Private Messaging system.

3h. Don't post all in capitals. It's difficult to read, sounds like you're shouting and won't endear you to the members of this forum either. Moderators reserve the right to delete posts that are written all in capitals, or which have a significant part in capitals. Equally, posts which contain alternate small case and upper case orthography (lIkE tHiS) will be deleted.

3i. These boards are primarily English language, so that the majority of community members can understand posts, in whole or in part. Posts should be in standard English, with correct spelling as far as possible. Posts in "text message" or "hacker" format (in other words, where English is abbreviated to the point of incomprehensibility) will be deleted. Equally, posts which deviate from standard English and which may cause significant difficulties for non-native English speakers to understand will be edited and/or deleted.

3j. Any posts or threads made in other languages for which no translation is provided will be locked and/or deleted by forum staff. The only exception to this rule is, naturally, in the Asian Culture and Language forum, where Asian languages (eg Japanese, Korean etc) may be used without translation.

3k. Posts which are considered to be a conflict of interest with, or detrimental to, the activities of all arms of mandiapple.com will be removed.

3l. Free Speech - We expect people to portray themselves with respect and decorum and respect the other people on this forum. There is no such thing as a universal right to free speech. Free Speech laws are about what governments can and cannot do in silencing their citizens, and even then there are limitations. In a private forum such as this, your speech is regulated by what the administrators determine to be appropriate and nothing else.

Section 4 - Links to video files, pictures and websites

4a. Snowblood Apple is fundamentally opposed to the withering of intellectual property rights caused by illegal internet distribution of movies. Therefore, linking to downloads or streams of complete movies is expressly forbidden under all circumstances, and posts with such links will be edited accordingly.

4b. If you are posting links to video files which could in any way be upsetting or disturbing, you MUST post a warning, in bold, in red, immediately before the link, such as this: WARNING: this video clip is extremely graphic and involves (short description here). Viewer discretion is advised.

4c. Our moderation team reserves the right to delete such links if deemed necessary, whether they contain a warning or not. If they don't contain a warning, they WILL be deleted.

4d. Hotlinking or remote linking to images using the [img] tag is expressly forbidden unless you own the site you are linking to, or is a site similar to http://www.photobucket.com which is set up for the express purpose of hotlinking. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on this and you WILL be served with a warning if it happens. However, posting the URL of the pages they are located on is acceptable.

4e. You are encouraged to use the picture attachment function of the board - all users have a set amount of space to upload pictures to attach to posts. Read the Board FAQ for instructions to do this.

4f. If you are posting links to pictures or pages which could in any way be upsetting or disturbing, you MUST post a warning, in bold, in red, immediately before the link, such as this: WARNING: this picture / page is extremely graphic and involves (short description here). Viewer discretion is advised.

4g. Our moderation team reserves the right to delete such links if deemed necessary, whether they contain a warning or not. If they don't contain a warning, they WILL be deleted.

4h. If, as a member of this forum, we catch you hotlinking to images posted on mandiapple.com or mandiapple.co.uk on other websites you WILL be immediately and permanently banned from this forum.

4i. All images posted on these boards MUST be kept to a maximum file size of 100kb. This is to ensure that the threads load reasonably for dial-up modem users. Any pictures that do not conform to this file size will be changed to straight link URLs by a mod or an admin. The total size of any pictures in any post should not exceed 300kb, for the same reason. Please consider using the attachment option, or using thumbnails.

Section 5 - Quotation from websites

5a. Don't reproduce large pieces of text from other websites. Short pieces are acceptable, provided you credit the website / writer the quote is from and you provide a link to the original page. If you fail to do this, your post will be edited or deleted.

Section 6 - Spoilers

6a. If you intend to post a spoiler (defined as crucial plot details, likely to spoil enjoyment of the movie for anyone who hasn;t seen it and reads your post first) for any movie, you MUST use the spoiler tag, or at the very least give a spoiler warning. See here for how to use the spoiler tag. Failure to give spoiler warnings will result in an automatic Level 1 warning and, in serious cases, suspension from the boards.

Section 7 - Avatars, attachments and signatures

7a. Avatars are easy to do. They need to be no bigger than 80 pixels by 80 pixels (smaller works too). Then, if your avatar is smaller than 6k, you can upload it here via your profile, and it gets stored in a place on the forum. You can either do that via your hard drive or give a URL from which it can be retrieved.

Avatars are for use on the Snowblood Apple forums only; if you are found to be linking to an avatar stored on mandiapple.com on another board, you will no longer be permitted to store an avatar here, and you may also be banned from the boards.

7b. You are encouraged to use the attachment function of the board to post pictures.

7c. Signatures should be text only with the text a reasonable size (no more than size=3), and kept short (maximum 255 characters). Anyone found with a signature which violates this will have it deleted for them and a message left there instead by admin.

Section 8 - need help?

Our moderator team:

  • Rasen
  • Yani
  • Scuz
will endeavour to help with general problems, and to take reports of spamming, abuse, flaming etc etc etc.

Site admins:
  • Mandi Apple (pays for the forum, so can do whatever the hell she likes)
  • Alex Apple (almighty overlord and boss, does all the setting up and arse-kicking, etc.)
Section 9 - Complaints and Donations Protocols

9a. Complaints about fellow members or moderators MUST be made via Private Message or private email to one of the forum administrators, Alex Apple or Mandi Apple. Complaints about a forum administrator should be made to another administrator in the first instance via PM or email.

9b. All complaints MUST be made privately and not publicly on the boards. There is a zero tolerance policy on this. If a complaint is made publicly, this will result in your complaint being deleted and disregarded, with the possibility of a warning or suspension from the boards.

9c. Donations to Snowblood Apple are gratefully received, but are not payments for any type of service and do not guarantee the availability of the site. Donating members must still abide by these Terms Of Service and follow all rules and will be granted no more latitude than any other member.

Section 10 - A word about warnings and bans

The mandiapple.com staff reserve the right to refuse access to any person for any reason at any time.

Our 'punishment' system works on four levels. This is for the protection of all users.

Level 1 Warning: This is the first stage, and involves a written warning and close monitoring for a period of time by the moderators and administrators. Usually this would last for a short period, provided you don't do anything else wrong and don't progress to Level 2. You may also have the rank "Level 1 Warning" displayed underneath your username, depending on the nature of the offence.

Level 2 Warning: You will have another written warning, and you will not be able to Private Message or display an avatar. The rank "Level 2 Warning" will be displayed under your username.

Suspension: This is the third stage and involves a temporary ban from the forums, the length of which depends on your offence and your behaviour towards it.

Ban: The final stage, and all forum functions will be closed to you. Your account will be seized and deactivated, and your IP blocked. In extreme cases a ban may include a bar to all mandiapple.com or mandiapple.co.uk sites. Banning will be permanent.

Section 11 - Private Messaging

11a. The private messaging system exists for users to communicate privately. Please be aware, despite the word "private", the PM messages remain in the Snowblood Apple Forums database, and in exceptional and very rare occasions may be accessed by the site owners.

Section 12 - Advertising

12a. Snowblood Apple is resolutely a non-profit making site, and carries no permanent advertising save for one affiliate link with Poker Industries which contributes to our running costs.

12b. Affiliate links (ie, links to sites where, if a purchase is made via the click-through, the poster will receive some tangible benefit) are expressly forbidden, and posts containing them will be deleted.

12c. Posts advertising irrelevant products and services will be removed, and users banned as spammers.

12d. Posts made by commercial companies promoting relevant goods and/or services will only be permitted by prior agreement with the site owners. We will not allow advertising posts of relevant materials unless there is some form of compensation to Snowblood Apple (which may or may not be monetary), otherwise we will regard such posts as spam, and as such will be deleted. If you wish to make a commercial post, please contact us to negotiate terms.

Section 13 - Technical Issues

For technical issues, contact me (Alex Apple) either by PM or via the "contact us" link at the bottom of each page.

That's all folks, and thanks for reading this far - any problems or queries, contact a mod or an admin.