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Discussion in 'Asian General Cinema' started by Midori no Saru, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. Yani The Observer

    Still haven't seen 'All About Lily Chou-Chou' but next week they're showing 'Love Letter' (1995), one of Iwai's earlier movies, on the telly. I really hope it's gonna be good.
  2. Yani The Observer

    'Love Letter' was an okay film, I was expecting a little more. There was nice atmosphere in the movie, but somehow it left me neutral. The lead actress, Miho Nakayama, was... well, she wasn't the best choice for the role, in my opinion. I'm still hoping to see 'All About Lily Chou-Chou' though.
  3. Ichi-kun fab-dressed university student.

    Allow me to revive this old thread...

    I rented it last night (along with Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure), but didn't start watching it until 1 am or so, but I was so mesmerized by it that I finally got some sleep around 4 am. In short, I really really loved this movie, it's probably the best coming-of-age movie I've seen, right next to the American realistic teen-nightmare Thirteen.

    Probably because I could relate to it. I've had my "gray" times as Yuichi called it (although he seems to be in an eternal gray period), and my "blue" and "red" times... I thought the movie was very realistic and at times, it was pretty painful to watch. What surprised me was that it was extremely extremely well made: the cinematography has a strange, dreamy feel to it, and it's so beautiful, it almost makes me want to shed a few tears... And the way the movie was lit, there's gorgeous light in some scenes, but dark and sad in others. It's just amazing how well mood could be present in something small like that.

    All the actors put in remarkable efforts. I honestly can't point out a special feature of one actor's portrayal, or else I'd have to point something out from all of the actors. That should give you a clue. And the music.... My GOD, it's probably one of the best soundtracks I've heard. Almost all of it is Lily's, but S**T is it amazing. There's a strange feeling to the scenes with the violence, simply because usually soft music is put into those scenes. The first scene with Yuichi in the rice field listening to music is particularly incredible, because of that song and how the shot is lit....

    I shouldn't go any more in-depth than that, I'm scared I might spoil something. I should say that it has a very non-linear plot set-up, and that it will get confusing if you're not paying attention, but that probably won't happen. It's a very moody, disturbing, powerful, and beautiful masterpiece that will stay with you. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. "Lily Chou Chou" just struck right through me, I'm out to buy the dvd now.

    And just before I was going to ask for the tenth time (WHERE THE HELL CAN I GET THE MUSIC FROM THIS FILM!?!?!), I looked it up on Cdjapan, then yesasia, and GASP! Yesasia has a copy of the soundtrack under "All About Lily Chou-Chou Original Soundtracks "Arabesque" (Japan Version)"!!!! They also have a CD called "Kokyuu" that's supposedly from Lily Chou-Chou, but I don't think she's a real person... I guess I'll have to do more research.

    P.S.: Did anyone think that once they revealed how she looked, Lily was well... creepy looking? When Yuichi watches her video on a giant screen near the end of the movie, she looked... unnatural.
  4. Ragnarok Guest

  5. Judge Rage Youth of the Beast

    Did you read that review? It's pretty negative.

    Thanks for reviving this thread, Ichi-kun. I may have to dust off my DVD and watch it again.
  6. Ragnarok Guest

    Of course I read it!!!!

    I posted it because it´s funny, and because you shouldn´t review anything you don´t understand
  7. Judge Rage Youth of the Beast

    I agree, he doesn't seem to quite "get it" though of course his opinion is his right. I think Lily Chou Chou would be hard for more general audiences...hell, I had a hard time with it, too, the first time. But it is so haunting and beatiful, it is hard to resist.
  8. AmongTheOrchids Honey... FLASH!

    Since I seem to have exhausted all of the horror that intrests me, I'll be looking forward to adding this and Kamikaze Girls to my collection very soon. I need to enpand my Asian horizons beyond extreme and anime:)

    PS - Does this have any sort of Suicide Club vibe to it? Pop stars, violence, upset students... yes?
  9. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    It certainly has pop stars, violence, upset students in it, but I couldnt think of a film more unlike suicide club. There is suicide in it, but the tragedy of it really hits home. I found this to be one of those films that got deep inside my psyche and worked away there, continuing to have an effect for a long time after. I have only watched it once, even though I have the DVD, but the power of what it says remains.
  10. AmongTheOrchids Honey... FLASH!

    That's good. I didn't like Suicide Club very much. It tried to be profound, but ended up being kind of lame. This sounds much better.:)
  11. Ichi-kun fab-dressed university student.

    As I said earlier, I loved it. I've seen it only once, and I got mainly everything, except for a few things dotted around the end...


    1. How did Hoshino die? I took it as we never saw it happen, but is it ever explained?

    2. How did Kuno get her head shaved? I thought it was the older man she was selling her body to, but it's once again never explained.

    3. Did Kuno die at the end? It showed someone in a skirt, lying on the ground...

    4. Why was Lily Chou Chou so creepy (okay, more like unnatural) looking?

    And that bit with Hoshino in Okinawa, and the fish that hit him... was weird.

    Those are the only obscurities I have for now.
  12. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    In reply to Ichi-Kun -


    Hoshino was stabbed by Yuichi at the concert (puts on Catherine Zeta Jones wig from Chicago) - he had it coming... he had it coming...

    Kuno shaved off her own hair - in a silent protest but possibly also to make herself look ugly so she wouldn't run the risk of being raped again. She represents the danger of being beautiful and gifted in a world where those less able will want to drag you down)

    Kuno did not die - it was the other girl.

    Lily Chou Chou looked the way she did because it was part of her art. In one video (I think the one shown at the concert) she is covered in mud. Don't ask...

    I think though that her appearing other-worldly is appropriate. For these kids, happiness exists only in fantasy, and they are all drawn together in their desire for this, as shown on the web chat, without knowing how similar in spirit they are to each other. It is only in their disembodied, anonymous communication on the web that they can really come together.

  13. Ichi-kun fab-dressed university student.

    :snigger: That made me laugh quite a bit.

    And it seems like once questions are answered, new ones abound :oops::


    I was watching some of the movie last night, the scene where Hoshino knocks that guy unconscious (sp?), cuts his hair, then dumps him in a puddle of mud- I personally thought the scene was really painful to watch, and disturbing at that, but what I didn't get was why the guy was purple. Symbolism perhaps?

    And also, I know what the sequence with a boy listening to music, while screaming meant, but it wasn't Yuichi or Hoshino. I don't know who it was...
  14. AmongTheOrchids Honey... FLASH!

    Any ideas on where I can find this little jewel?
  15. Ichi-kun fab-dressed university student.

    There's a R1 release in the US, and a R2 release in the UK (I think).
  16. AmongTheOrchids Honey... FLASH!

    There's an HK realease for half the price of the US one, but I was wondering if anyone had the US one, because it has more features... are the features worth the double in price, or am I fine with only having the film and subtitles?
  17. Ichi-kun fab-dressed university student.

    I have the US release. There's the film with subtitles, a couple trailers, a very long behind-the-scenes making-of feature, a music video, a director's filmography, and I think that's pretty much it. Quite a lot for a small release that it is...
  18. AmongTheOrchids Honey... FLASH!

    But is it worth the extra ten dollars?
  19. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    Anything's got to be better than the ICA projects one with burnt in subs.
  20. AmongTheOrchids Honey... FLASH!

    I'm not sure who released the one I was looking at, but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks:)

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