Fine, Totally Fine

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  1. pdn Guest

    Fine, Totally Fine

    "Quirky comedy": It's a term that's all too often just shorthand for films
    that are annoying, shallow and flighty ... except here. Fine, Totally Fine is
    a quirky comedy in the best possible sense.

    The story follows Teruo, a gormless slacker horror geek, and his childhood
    friend Hisanobu, a sensible but overly nice salaryman. Teruo works full time
    as a part time park maintenance worker and lives with his depressed father
    above the family owned used book shop. Teruo spends his spare time perfecting
    his ghost story telling technique, creating special effects and pulling off horror
    themed pranks (including a very funny Dawn Of The Dead gag) - all of which
    is practice for Teruo's lifelong dream of creating the world's greatest haunted
    house amusement park. Hisanobu, who occasionally aids Teruo with his
    creations, thinks that since they are both approaching 30 it's about time they
    both put away childish things and act like adults. Into their lives comes Akari,
    a shy and highly accident prone artist, and both Teruo and Hisanobu fall
    in love with her.

    While this may seem like the set up for a typically "quirky" rom-com the film
    is actually like the used book shop in which much of the film is set; a bit
    shabby on the outside but full of treasures within.

    Packed with a wonderful collection of odd-balls and social misfits (none more
    so than the central characters) and the kind of off beat humour that often
    turns up in the kind of outrageous off the wall Japanese comedies that tend
    to get the attention of western film fans. Here though, first time director
    Yosuke Fujita takes the opposite direction to the kind of over the top
    anything goes style that might be expected and delivers something much
    gentler. Perhaps too gentle for some - the film's lackadaisical pace won't
    be to everyone's taste. That's not to say it's not laugh out loud funny. It
    is. Frequently.

    Performances are pitch perfect across the board, though YosiYosi Arakawa,
    as Teruo, almost steal the entire film (understandable, as he does have the
    showiest part). One can't help but wish he'd manage to achieve his dream
    of creating the "revolutionary revolution" in amusement park design, even
    though he clearly hasn't the drive (or money. Or brains) to match his

    All in all, Fine, Totally Fine is awesome, totally awesome.

  2. ladysovay Guest

    i got this film after reading loads of good reviews and no bad ones, so i'm probably going to upset some people when i say i was very disappointed with it. i just couldn't get into it. i fell asleep the first time i tried to watch it so i tried again the next day and the same thing happened. third time round i watched it to the end and it really wasn't worth the effort. it left me feeling - er that's it???
    maybe i just wasn't in the right mood for this kind of film - so i will watch it again at some point and maybe i'll change my mind then. but for now - - -.
  3. ladysovay Guest

    just had a thought about why i fell asleep watching ftf. the music is that laid back accoustic jazz guitar. i've got the same kind of music on relaxation cds so maybe i just respond to that type of music by getting nice and relaxed and it has nothing to do with the actual film !
    could be!!!!
  4. pdn Guest

    I can kind of understand your reaction. It is a very laid back style of film that
    just ambles along at its own pace. Not for everyone, for sure.
    If nothing else, at least you've found an alternative to your relaxation cds.
    I mean, putting you to sleep twice! That's pretty potent stuff:-D

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