Geisha vs Ninjas / Geisha vs ninja (2008)

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    Geisha vs Ninjas / Geisha vs ninja (2008)

    Thanks to fellow former Twitch contributor logboy for bringing the following to my attention: The official website for Gô Ohara's Geisha vs Ninjas (Geisha vs ninja) isn't online yet; however, the URL for it is As I mentioned here back on March 17th, the movie stars Minami Tsukui.

    Below are an introduction and synopsis for Geisha vs Ninjas from the sales poster for the movie.

    "She dances beautifully and defeats enemies... ¶ After 'Resident Evil' and 'Kill Bill', new touch of martial action movie of beautiful Japanese woman is born! Go Ohara, the action directior [sic] of 'Death Trance' created his latest movie, a revenge action drama about a beautiful geisha! To take revenge for the murder of her father, a beautiful geisha duels with a number of assassins. This is a new Japanese action movie in which geishas, ninjas, samurais and bonzes are fighting. Can she really avenge her father's death?"

    "One rainy night in the Edo period, Kotono (a geisha) confronts samurais who killed her father. The samurais attack her one after another, but she fights hard against samurais with her sword. Kotono tries to chase the samurais who scramble to escape. Yet now three ninjas stand up against her. Kotono drops her sword by their wave of assaults. Can she beat them?"

    Geisha vs Ninjas sales poster (JPEG)

    Gô Ohara official blog

    Ohara Bros. Co. Ltd.

    Minami Tsukui official blog

    JAE: Minami Tsukui
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    The official website for Geisha vs Ninjas is now online, although at present it's just a home page.

    Those who are interested in Geisha vs Ninjas may also wish to check out the page on for Ken'ichi Fujiwara's High School Girl Rika: Zombie Hunter (Saikyô heiki joshikôsei: Rika - zonbi hantâ vs saikyô zonbi Gurorian) - the third movie in the Nihombie (Nihonbi) series.

    Geisha vs Ninjas official website

    * * * High School Girl Rika: Zombie Hunter (w/ trailer, flyer, stills, etc.)
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    For those who are unable to view Windows Media Video files, Quiet Earth has converted the large (640 x 480) trailer for Geisha vs Ninjas into a small (320 x 240) Flash Video version, and posted that version on YouTube.

    BTW, the English-language title of Saikyô heiki joshikôsei: Rika - zonbi hantâ vs saikyô zonbi Gurorian has been changed from "High School Girl Rika: Zombie Hunter" to "RIKA: The Zombie Killer".

    Geisha vs Ninjas large trailer (Windows Media Video)

    Quiet Earth: Geisha vs Ninjas article (w/ small Flash Video version of trailer)

    * * * RIKA: The Zombie Killer (w/ trailer, flyer, stills, etc.)
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    A Japanese theatrical trailer for Geisha vs Ninjas was added to Nippon Cinema yesterday afternoon.

    BTW, if you haven't already done so, be sure to watch the English-subtitled theatrical trailer for Yoshihiro Nishimura's Tokyo Gore Police (Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu).

    Nippon Cinema: Geisha vs Ninjas article (w/ Japanese theatrical trailer, etc.)

    * * *

    Tokyo Gore Police English-subtitled theatrical trailer (QuickTime) Tokyo Gore Police (w/ 2 promo reels, theatrical trailer, poster, flyer, stills, etc.)

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