Glasgow Youth Film Festival, February 2010

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  1. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Glasgow Youth Film Festival, February 2010

    The Glasgow Youth Film Festival are showing some movies which might be of interest to us - I'm particularly jealous of anyone who gets to go and see Ponyo on the Cliff on the big screen :lol:

    PONYO (Glasgow Film Theatre 1, Sunday 07 February, 13:00)

    GYFF launches with a family preview of the latest animated masterpiece from the acclaimed director of Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

    THE BLUE BIRD (AOI TORI) UK PREMIERE (Glasgow Film Theatre 2, Friday 12 February, 16:00)
    A tense, award-winning drama about the aftermath of a spate of classroom bullying handled by a mysterious, stuttering substitute teacher (Abe Hiroshi). Starring Japanese heart throb Kanata Hongo.

    EVANGELION 1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE (Glasgow Film Theatre 1, Monday 15 February, 15:30)
    In search of his father, Shinji arrives in Tokyo-3, a city rebuilt after its destruction by giant creatures called the Angels. It soon transpires that he has been chosen to pilot a giant mech that has been built to destroy the invaders.

    EVANGELION 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE (Glasgow Film Theatre 1, Monday 15 February, 17:45)
    Shinji continues his training in his quest to rid the planet of the Angels that threaten to wipe out mankind. Tickets are guaranteed to sell out fast for this UK Premiere!

    Special Feature: Introduced by Anime expert Jonathan Clements, author of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis: Adventures in the Anime and Manga Trade.
  2. Mooncake Guest

    I oh so desperately want to see Ponyo (I live in Glasgow so the GFT is pretty close) but my friends aren't interested in watching "anime", especially one that's a kiddie's film. At this rate, I'll have to pay some stranger to accompany me or just go it alone!
  3. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Why not just go on your own? It might be quite nice to be able to take it in without having to drag along unwilling friends (who, plainly speaking, don't know what the hell they're missing :lol: )... either that or bribe them with the consumables of their choice! Alex knows that whenever I don't want to take Astrid (our daughter) to see some dreadful kids' movie, all he has to do is buy me a giant-size latte and I'm happy to stick my bum in a seat for an hour and a half :lol:

    It's a shame we don't live in Glasgow (or near) because Astrid really can't wait to see this (as well as us!) - Little Mermaid + Hayao Miyazaki = win/win as far as we're all concerned :D
  4. Mooncake Guest

    I have somebody to go with! Now I won't have to feel awkward and paranoid on my lonesome, haha. Thankfully, this person doesn't need bribing of any sort, which would've required my poor student self to unwillingly fork out some extra money! This'll be my first Miyazaki at the cinema and I can only imagine how gorgeous the animation will look on the big screen.

    You're right though - my friends suck! They're far too unwilling to explore films, and music, out of the mainstream and it makes me very sad.
  5. Mooncake Guest

    Hmm, well I'm not sure how appropriate it is to post this, but if it's not then I hope you're of the forgiving kind!

    The person that I was going with queued 15 minutes before the Ponyo screening only to be told it had sold out. Fortunately for me, I bought my ticket in advance. Unfortunately for me, I had to go myself!

    To my surprise, Ponyo was dubbed, given that the GFT regularly shows arthouse/foreign cinema, but I soon realised that Ponyo is part of the GFT Youth Festival, and we can't have little children reading subtitles now can we? Despite this initial disappointment (dubbing itself was pretty good though, but not surprising since it's by an A-star cast and guided by John Lasseter), the whole film was just a total and utter delight! There is so much adorableness packed into the film, I found myself awww-ing more than I have in a long while. Not much else to say for fear of spoiling the film, but I'm sure your daughter (and yourself and your husband!) will love it!
  6. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Thanks so much for the review, Mooncake! It sounds wonderful, can't wait to see it - I keep seeing ads for it on telly :D

    I'm not surprised they showed the dubbed version, since as you pointed out it's a youth festival, and I daresay the target demographic is going to be pretty young kids - I don't think Astrid (who's 6) could keep up with the normal speed of subtitles, so I was really waiting for a dubbed version to become available before we saw it :D

    I'm not necessarily averse to dubs if they're well done, and since as you said it's an A-list cast, I'm guessing they're pretty good - the anime dubs in the olden tymes back in the early 90's were hilariously bad (my original 90's VHS dub of Akira, for instance, was painfully terrible :snigger: ), so I'm glad things seem to be improving on that front :lol:

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