Japanese cinema in 75 minutes?

Discussion in 'Asian General Cinema' started by Alex Apple, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Alex Apple Lord Snowblood Apple

    Japanese cinema in 75 minutes?

    Here's a challenge for you all:

    if you had 75 minutes to talk about Japanese cinema to a group of 16-17 year olds, including being able to show clips (but bearing in mind the ages of the kids... no Battle Royale, I think), what would you cover?

    I'm thinking bits of A Kurosawa, Godzilla, Samurai Cinema, 70s revenge flicks like Lady Snowblood, some K Kurosawa, J-Horror, and a touch on anime (though manga/anime are going to be a different lesson entirely). Would probably need to mention pinku eiga but not show anything, obviously.

    Bear in mind clips will have to come from the (reasonably) extensive Apple Towers DVD collection and/or YouTube.

    Um, I'm teaching the lesson tomorrow... or plan to, anyway!
  2. pdn Guest

    Tetsuo & Kitano's films should be mentioned as they helped introduce
    a whole new generation of western film fans, who had little or no interest in the
    new wave directors, to Japanese cinema. You should probably mention the
    whole new wave thing too, I guess.

    Good luck.
  3. Alex Apple Lord Snowblood Apple

    Tetsuo, obviously. A carefully chosen clip though... ;)

    This is what I've come up with so far. I shall declare my interest in this site first, and say my tastes are skewed towards the underground and outright weird.

    So, clips from:

    Zatoichi (Kitano) for samurai flicks
    Kairo for K Kurosawa
    Totoro for general anime
    Happiness of the Katakuris (opening sequence)
    The weird bit at the end of Suicide Circle
    A couple of clips of Lady Snowblood
    The classroom scene from Battle Royale
    9 Souls opener
    Akira opener
    Tetsuo - the bit where he chased into the garage by the metal woman
    Godzilla vs Hedorah for some old school monster movieage
    A scene from Ran to get some classic A Kurosawa
    A chunk of Kwaidan (the last one) if I get to it
    And the spirals bit from Uzumaki

    So, so difficult... now I need to put together a cohesive running order. I know there's loads I've missed, so I'm still open to suggestions for the next time I'm doing this lesson in about 8 weeks.
  4. Troika Dead From The Kneck Up

    Late in but what the hell :)

    If it wasn't for the age of the students I would have suggested the School roof scene from Suicide Circle.

    The V-cinema Ju-on could be a good representation of low budget J-horror.

    As for Anime I don't know how extensive the Apple collection is on that front but I would suggest some Boogiepop Phantom.

    Great selection though and I could watch the 9 Souls opener over and over if only for the music :)
  5. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    I would also recommend a clip or two from Perfect Blue for your anime segment, Alex :D

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