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    Above is a sales poster for Yoshikatsu Kimura's Karate Girl (KG).

    As I previously mentioned on The Ancient Dogoo Girls (Kodai shôjo-tai Dogûn V) thread, Karate Girl stars Rina Takeda. According to allcinema (Stingray Co. Ltd. / K.K. Sutingurei), it co-stars 13-year-old Hina Tobimatsu (not "Haruna Tobimatsu"), Tatsuya Naka, Noriko Iriyama, Kazutoshi Yokoyama, Richard Heselton, Saori Takizawa (PDF file), and Keisuke Horibe. Fuyuhiko Nishi wrote the screenplay for, produced, and was the action director for it.

    Here's a description of Karate Girl from Nippon Cinema: "Rina Takeda and Haruna [sic] Tobimatsu co-star as sisters Ayaka and Natsuki Kurenai, the youngest descendants of a legendary Okinawan karate master named Shoujirou Kurenai. As children, they live a happy life with their father (Tatsuya Naka) who encourages them both to practice karate. However, one day a mysterious group breaks into their dojo - killing their father, kidnapping Natsuki, and stealing the black belt which has been passed down in their family for over 200 years. ¶ Several years later, Ayaka is living the humble life of an ordinary high school student in Yokohama. Natsuki, on the other hand, has been trained as a killing machine by the mysterious group that kidnapped her all those years ago. Soon, Natsuki and the group begin to take aim at Ayaka. Out of love for her sister and with the teachings of her father still in her heart, Ayaka decides to do whatever it takes to get Natsuki and their family's black belt back from the clutches of the mysterious group."

    CJ Entertainment Japan K.K. (CJEJ) and T-Joy Co. Ltd. (K.K. Ti Joi) are scheduled to release Karate Girl theatrically in Japan on February 5th of next year.

    YouTube: Karate Girl teaser trailer #2

    YouTube: Karate Girl teaser trailer #1

    YouTube: Karate Girl 'making of' video (w/ Rina Takeda & Hina Tobimatsu)

    Karate Girl sales poster (JPEG - larger version of the above)

    Karate Girl official subsite

    News source: GOMORRAHY.com: Trailer Park subsite
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    This girl's got some skills. I liked her in "High Kick Girl" (2009) even though that film was crippled by excessive slow motion. If the director here is more capable, this could be good.

    Of course, JeeJa Yanin is my favorite cute buttkicker.
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    The official website for Seiji Chiba's Kunoichi is now functional.

    The screenplay for Kunoichi was written by Chiba (who also edited the movie). The movie stars (listed order corresponds to order on cast/staff page of official website) Rina Takeda, Mitsuki Koga, Masanori Mimoto, Yûichi Satô, Mayu Onomura, Shiho Fujisawa, Kotono, and Kentarô Shimazu (Shimadu Kentarô). Kensuke Sonomura (second listing) was the movie's action director.

    Nippan (Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc. / Nippon Shuppan Hanbai K.K.) is scheduled to release Kunoichi at the Theater N Shibuya in Tokyo on March 19th.

    Note that Kunoichi has a running time of only 65 minutes.

    Happy birthday to Kotono, who turned 26 years old today (February 24th)! She previously was in such movies as Yûsuke Narita's Flower & Snake 3 (Hana to hebi 3), Yoshihiro Nishimura, Tak Sakaguchi (Sakaguchi Taku), and Noboru Iguchi's Mutant Girls Squad (Sentô shôjo: chi no tekkamen densetsu), Shôichirô Masumoto's roman porno Any and Every Which Way (Ushiro kara mae kara), and Naoyuki Tomomatsu's pink horror At the Mercy of the Darkness: Ayano's Bizarre Delusions (Yami no manimani: hitozuma · Ayano no futei na môsô). She appeared in her birthday suit in several of those movies...

    Kunoichi official website

    Theater N Shibuya: Kunoichi

    * * *

    Warning: The trailer on the belowlinked page contains sexual content; viewer discretion is advised.
    Flower & Snake 3 video page (theatrical trailer is on the left)

    Flower & Snake 3 official subsite

    News source: The Gomorrahizer
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    The English-language title of Kunoichi is "The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl". Distribution rights for the movie are now being offered for sale by CREi Inc. (K.K. Kurei).

    Here's a synopsis for The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl from CREi: "Behind the battle of the Iga versus Koga Ninjas, the footsteps of Flesh Trading Ninja's Conspiracy and Betrayal approaches... ¶ The flesh trading ninjas kidnap women from enemy ninja group's villages, and use the women as tools of temporary comfort for themselves. The Iga Ninja member Shimotsuki (Mitsuki Koga) and Hyotsuki (Masanori Mimoto) ordered to kidnap the women, are in the process of transporting Kisaragi (Rina Takeda) and three other women from the Kouga village. Suddenly an unknown man (Yuichi Sato) appears, cuts the tied ropes of the women, and sets them free. Shimotsuki and Hyotsuki chase the women running amuck as if they were playing a game. As one by one the women fall prey to the hands of these men, Kisaragi will discover the truth and the real enemy that lies behind this evil practice."

    YouTube: The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl trailer

    The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl official website

    CREi: The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl

    News source: The Gomorrahizer
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    Avec Punch (Abekku panchi)

    Karate Girl is scheduled to be screened at this year's Terracotta Far East Film Festival (TFEFF) in London, England on May 8th.

    Rina Takeda also stars in Takeshi Furusawa's upcoming Avec Punch (Abekku panchi). She previously was in Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Keisuke Toyoshima, Jun Tsugita, Ryûta Miyake, Tsuyoshi Kazuno (Kaduno Tsuyoshi), and Takuma Tosaka's TV series The Ancient Dogoo Girls (Kodai shôjo-tai Dogûn V), Masaharu Takizawa's Shôjo senshi-den Shion, and Fuyuhiko Nishi's High-Kick Girl! (Hai kikku gâru!).

    YouTube: Karate Girl English-subtitled theatrical trailer

    YouTube: Karate Girl teaser trailer #2

    YouTube: Karate Girl teaser trailer #1

    YouTube: Karate Girl 'making of' video (w/ Rina Takeda & Hina Tobimatsu)

    Karate Girl official subsite

    TFEFF: Karate Girl

    * * *

    Avec Punch official subsite

    News source: The Gomorrahizer (source of Rina Takeda-related news since October of 2008!)
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    I attended the screening of Karate Girl at the Terracotta Far East Film Festival in London - it was shown on Sunday 8 May. Rina was there as Special Guest and gave a karate demonstration which was followed by a Q&A session. She is really sweet, not at all like the characters she plays.
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    Avec Punch director Takeshi Furusawa's latest movie is the upcoming Another (Anazâ), based on the eponymous horror-mystery serialized novel by Yukito Ayatsuji. Eirin (Eiga Rinri Iinkai / Film Classification and Rating Committee) has given the movie a PG12 rating, with a listed running time of 109 minutes.

    BTW, Eirin has given Su-yeon Gu's upcoming Hard Romanticker (Hâdo romanchikkâ) an R15+ rating, with a listed running time of 108 minutes.

    Kadokawa Pictures: Another

    Toho: Another

    * * *

    YouTube: Hard Romanticker trailer

    Hard Romanticker official website

    Toei: Hard Romanticker

    BIFF: Hard Romanticker

    News source: The Gomorrahizer

    Hard Romanticker
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    A teaser trailer for Another has been added to YouTube.

    The screenplay for Another was written by Sachiko Tanaka and Furusawa, based on the aforementioned serialized novel by Ayatsuji. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to order on official website) Kento Yamazaki, Ai Hashimoto, Yoshihiko Hakamada, and Ai Katô.

    Here's a synopsis for Another from Kadokawa Pictures (Kadokawa Shoten Co. Ltd. / K.K. Kadokawa Shoten): "One after another students die in horrific ways. No one can escape from this chain of accidental deaths. ¶ Koichi Sakakibara moves to his maternal grandparent's house in a small town, because of family circumstances, and encounters a pretty young girl with a mysterious eyepatch. He meets her in the junior high school class that he transfers into and talks to her, but finds that for some reason the other students in the class and even the homeroom teacher behave as if 'she absolutely does not exist.' In the midst of this, a classmate dies in a mysterious accident, and what's more other classmates and their families die in horrific circumstances... What curse is leading to this succession of deaths? And what shocking ritual has become part of his junior high school?!"

    Toho Co. Ltd. (Tôhô K.K.) is scheduled to release Another theatrically in Japan on August 4th.

    Those who are interested in Another may also wish to watch the theatrical trailer for Kôsuke Hishinuma's Life Is Dead (Raifu izu deddo).

    YouTube: Another teaser trailer

    Another official website

    * * *

    YouTube: Life Is Dead theatrical trailer

    Life Is Dead official website

    News source: The Gomorrahizer

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