Kon Ichikawa dead

Discussion in 'Asian General Cinema' started by rupan777, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. rupan777 Brundlefly

    Kon Ichikawa dead

    As reported by Twitch here:


    Quite possibly the last of the masters of the golden era of Japanese film.... :-( RIP
  2. Yani The Observer

    Seems like he lived a good, long life. Rest in peace, Kon. I've heard of the man and his most famous works, but I haven't seen any of them yet. I will in the future.
  3. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    RIP Kon Ichikawa :(
  4. Halcyon Guest

    I just read about it. It's sad but he had a long and very interesting life. RIP.

    I'd like to use this thread to recommend Shunji Iwai's latest work, The Kon Ichikawa Story (Ichikawa Kon Monogatari). It's a very insightful and respectful hommage to Ichikawa, whom Iwai admired very much. English subtitles are included.

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