Martial art movies. Love 'em or hate 'em?

Discussion in 'Asian General Cinema' started by Yani, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. Yani The Observer

    Dig kung fu movies from seventies? Is Jackie Chan your hero? 36th Chamber... whaaaat?

    I love martial art movies. They were the first asian movies I ever saw. Watching Jackie Chan do incredible stunts and kicking mean peoples asses was great. I hunted down more and more kung fu movies. My hunger grew bigger. Now I've seen quite a lot movies from that category. I'll list movies I have liked a lot or just liked.


    Jet Li's movies OUATIC 1&6 (haven't seen second yet), Fist of Legend, Fong Sai-Yuk I&II, Hero, High Risk, Tai-Chi Master...

    Jackie Chan's movies Drunken Master 1&2, Project A 1&2, Police Story 1&3&5, Armour of God 1&2, Rumble In The Bronx, Mr. Nice Guy, Accidental Spy, Shanghai Knights, Rush Hour 1&2...

    Bruce Lee's Big Boss, Way Of The Dragon, Fist Of Fury...

    Sammo Hung & Yuen Biao's Prodigal Son, Wheels on Meals, Eastern Condors...

    Also Michelle Yeoh's and Donnie Yen's Iron Monkey, Police Story 3, CTHD, Tai-Chi Master, Heroic Trio...

    Plus Yuen Woo-Ping is a God.


    Of course I forgot or left out something but I think those are enough :)

    Jackie Chan's, Jet Li's and Corey Yuen's future careers? I think Jet Li has made pretty crappy new movies, Jackie Chan can flop and Corey Yuen's So Close sucked (Transporter was much better). Can Donnie Yen do his outbreak in US and start acting in films ala Jet Li? Let's discuss.
  2. Vertigo Guest

    I like almost all of Bruce Lee's movies with the exception of "Way of the Dragon" due to the over-the-top 'humour'.

    Jackie Chan is excellent in "Police Story"

    Thought "So Close" was FAR better than "The Transporter" but then, I hate Jason Statham and think Zhao Wei is a wee cutie so personal bias triumphs yet again....

    I can't think of anything Donnie Yen has been in US-wise except for "Highlander:Endgame"......
  3. drkne1 Guest

    Jackie Chan is the greatest!

    My favorite movies are the ones with him, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, his "brothers" from back in chinese opera school. Partiularly "Dragons Forever" and "Wheels on Meals"

    I have alot of respect for him, because up until The Tuxedo, he didn't use things like wire tricks in his movies. It was all purely self-performed, self-coregraphed, martial arts.

    He trained very hard from a very young age.

    I like other martial artists too, but even Bruce Lee used wire tricks to exaggerate the power of his moves for his movies.

    It was hard for me to accept Jackie giving in to using tricks like in the Tuxedo, but he is pretty old now for such things. So many broken bones and torn muscles and all. And he's nearly my father's age, that's what floors me hehe. I can't believe he can do all that at his age.

    BTW, his book is really interesting. I loved it. Very informative.
  4. Yani The Observer

    Is that a fact? In which movie(s)?

    Nooooo... :devilcry:

  5. Chryse Guest

    Once Upon a Time in China 2 has a couple of great duels between Jet Li and Donnie Yen. And Rosamund Kwan is in fine comedic form.
  6. drkne1 Guest

    One specific example I can give you, is in "Enter the Dragon" I think it was, Jackie Chan was a teenager, and got to be one of the stunt guys in the movie, and They died a rope around his waist and yanked him back when Bruce Lee "kicked" him, to make it look like the kick was hard enough to propel him a long distance.

    And in another scene, perhaps a different movie, can't remember, they filmed a scene where Bruce Lee is supposed to get kicked through a glass door or window, and a stunt double was used for the actual crash through the glass. Or something like that.

    Dont remember any other specific examples, but I assume he used other common theatrics.
  7. GoodFellow Guest

    I´m not a big fan of martial artist.
    Jackie Chan tough is great and I like Jackies films. He is funny and same time very VERY good in martial arts.

    Steven Seagal movies are also a classics. Tough he´s no Asian :eek:
  8. Chryse Guest

    Actually, there's a lot of HK stuff that fits this description - Jet Li's Fong Sai Yuk films, for example, Return of the Five Deadly Venoms, and of course, Steven Chow's Shaolin Soccer.
  9. cloud7 Guest

    I love Jet Li & Steven Chow! I like Jet Li's HK movies better than his American ones. For some reason his American movies suck for me. Donnie Yen is also very good. You should watch his "Fist of Fury" or "Iron Monkey".

    I don't like Steven Seagal though. :oops:
  10. Rasen Nothing to Fear...

    He has a small part in Blade 2 as Snowman, one of the members of The Bloodpack (Vampires chosen to team up with Blade to eliminate the Reaper strain) He was criminally underused though.
  11. cloud7 Guest

    Yeah Donnie Yen can do better than that!
  12. Chryse Guest

    From what I understand, he was originally just going to be one of the fight coordinators, but Snipes was a big fan of his, so they gave him a part in the Bloodpack.

    Minor spoiler:

    Since he didn't leave a corpse, who knows, maybe he'll show up in Blade III. (Won't happen, but it would be nice, wouldn't it?)
  13. Pichu Guest

    I never really got into martial art films. Although, I do enjoy watching Croutching Tiger Hidden Dragon. :)
  14. Yani The Observer

    Steven "Stoneface" Seagal is pretty much a joke. His movies can't be taken seriously. Anyway, Seagal is so "funny" man and that's why I don't hate him. :lol:

  15. Ganbachi Contemporary Caveman

    I've never liked Bruce Lee movies... well, I like Enter the Dragon. They all seemed the same - he promises not to fight, he beats up loads of people with roundhouse kicks then fights a boss. I much prefer the likes of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Granted Bruce Lee was a damn impressive martial artist. It's just his films never tickled my fancy.
  16. drkne1 Guest

    Same here for me for the most part. Seems like after you've tried your hand at a skill, you admire people who are more proficient at it.

    I've studied martial arts, and definitely found Jackie Chan, and his friends Samo Heung and Yeun Biou to be the most impressive to watch. Not just for their fighting style, but their amazing coordination and acrobatic abilities most of all.

    hehe, the acrobatics especially. I just love acrobatics!
  17. Vertigo Guest

    I've been offered one of those multi disc collections from Brentwood entitled "The Many Faces of Sonny Chiba". It's got a few of the 'Streetfighter' movies and various other martial-arts flicks...around 10 Sonny Chiba films in total.

    I've never actually seen any of the "Streetfighter" movies...are they any good? I know Tarantino used to chunter on about them but he'll watch any old sh!t.....

    The set is cheap but I'm looking for a leetle help please....

    Cheers guys.
  18. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    *rotflmao* :lol:

    Post of the week award goes to Mr V :lol:
  19. Vertigo Guest

    :oops: and my potty mouth... :oops:
  20. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    I mostly dont like martial arts movies, largely because i think they are closer to dance than a depiction of real fighting. I can see how martial arts fans would appreciate the artistry of the fights, but it doesn't excite me. Sensible fighting, with swords, guns etc. I like.

    I will, however, watch any Ecky Thump film.

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