Martial art movies. Love 'em or hate 'em?

Discussion in 'Asian General Cinema' started by Yani, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. Alex Apple Lord Snowblood Apple

    OK, we'll bite. A quick google reveals Ecky Thump to be Yorkshire slang for something, a street name for Ecstasy, a Chinese Warlord, and a video clip of a woman angle grinding her crotch.

    So which of these is it then, Mr Monkey? 8O
  2. Vertigo Guest

    I think this a reference to a new HK-action movie I've been hearing about -
    "StripThump: The Grinders of Vengeance"

    The story of female steel-fabricator who moonlights as a pole-dancer in a Hong Kong nightclub. One night, after rebuking the advances of a surly Gangster-Boss, her drink is spiked with a strange new ecstasy-protoplasm hibrid which cause her to slip back through time to the days of the ancient warriors....

    Much fighting, hacking, and crotch-grinding ensues....

    Oh, and her comedy sidekick is played by Lee Evans....he's her half-brother...called Ecky...... :lol:
  3. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Man, you're a natural born scriptwriter V - think you missed your vocation, I'd pay money to see that one :D
  4. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    Vertigo's theories are incorrect. There is in fact only one Ecky Thump film in existence. It is called Kung Fu Kapers and it came out in 1975 at the height of the Kung Fu / martial arts boom. It is a Lancastrian Martial art, and involves the use of black puddings. In the film, it is demonstrated to defeat every other martial art, including wire-fu.

    Here is a picture of Ecky Thump in action:
    Ecky Thump!
  5. Vertigo Guest

    I think mine is the HK revisionist remake..... :lol:
  6. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    :D Now I got ya:

    "5/7 Kung Fu Kapers. Bill's expertise at the ancient Lancastrian martial art of Ecky Thump proves too much for other forms of self defence, but his march on t'Parliament wielding black puddings must be stopped. "

    From, ahem,

    The pic was a dead giveaway :lol: Man, I loved them when I was little. I'm in two minds whether to buy the newly-released DVD though 'cos things bought from 70's retrospect are often crapper than a person tends to remember :wink:
  7. Vertigo Guest

    Well little M...fear not. Both me and my mate, in a moment of sozzled madness, bought the DVD recently and still has the ability to raise a chuckle - due in equal parts to sheer nostalgia and the fact that they are genuinly funny....

  8. The Kid on the Escalator Taste the happy.

    I love kung fu movies; I get the biggest kick out of the old kung fu movies with the exact same swishing noise used for each punch or kick. Oh, and you have to love the kung fu camera zooms. A good example is the original version of Iron Monkey.
  9. Yani The Observer

    Seen Kung Pow? :lol: Man, that rocks! (IMO) :twisted:
  10. Vertigo Guest

    God I HATED "Kung Pow" wasn't even bad enough to be good.....
  11. Dinsdale Guest

  12. DJ3J Guest

    It goes beyond love for Martial Arts films. It's certainly one of my favorite genres! I adore a good Kung Fu film almost as much as a good horror flick. I truly wouldn't pass judgement on the whole affair until you've seen some really worthwhile examples. The martial arts genre is one of the most extreme cases of 'hit or miss,' so far as I'm concerned. Given a good example, they can be some of the most entertaining films around. Given a bad example, and they're just popcorn fodder or worse! If you're uncertain about kung fu films, give some of the following a try:

    Odd Couple,
    Prodigal Son,
    Encounter of the Spooky Kind

    Those are Sammo Hung Kam-Bo films (during the peak of his career), and mix equal parts comedy with Kung Fu. The result is usually hilarious physical comedy mixed with awe-inspiring fights. Or, you could go with Jackie Chan's early stuff like Snake In the Eagle's Shadow or Drunken Master. Or, if you don't want to have to put in an effort into finding these films, just head down to Blockbuster and check out Iron Monkey. It's the best KF film to come around in years. Yeah, I think some of these have been mentioned earlier in the topic. Sorry!


    -- DJ3J
  13. ghevans Yeah, you can fly!

    i love martial arts movies but i've always (since i was a kid) had trouble getting into the comedic elements that are sometimes all too apparent in them. dont get me wrong - i love the slapstick Jackie Chan uses (the Project A bicycle chase scene is classic) but other than that the humour isn't really all that subtle and can sometimes get in the way of enjoying an otherwise serious film.

    Not martial arts but a good example of humour ruining an otherwise excellent HK film is God of Gamblers.

    In no order of preference however, I would like to submit these as my all time favourite martial arts movies:

    Fist of Fury,
    Police Story 1 & 2
    Project A 2
    The Young Master

    Enter The Dragon (my first!)
    Iron Monkey
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (mainstream maybe but the best example of integrating martial arts into a serious and well scripted story - stunning)
    Fist of Legend (an absolute classic Jet Li not so loose remake of Fist of Fury)
    Once Upon A Time In China
    Armour of God
  14. Ganbachi Contemporary Caveman

    Another plot-heavy martial arts movie is A Fistful Of Zen.
  15. Yani The Observer

    Hey, very much the same list I would recommend :)

    And for that CTHD, I watched it yesterday (watched it first time about two years ago from a 200mb videofile :roll: ) and it still rocked and hard. Serious and well scripted story indeed + very nice martial arts fights! "Mainstream" can be great, yep.
  16. Vertigo Guest

    I watched Policy Story again last weekend. Jackie Chan is insane! A wee runnin', jumpin', crashin' and a-bashin' bundle of insanity!!!! Brilliant!

    And on the subject of CTHD, I see Jet Li has turned down the lead role in the on again, off again prequel....
  17. ghevans Yeah, you can fly!

    see i cant believe they offered it to him after CYF's fantastic turn in the original - so he may not have the martial arts skills of Jet Li but he is a far superior actor who gave the character of Li Mu Bai an amazing intensity.

    CYF for the sequel !
  18. Vertigo Guest

    Agreed! CYF was outstanding!

    The proposed prequel will cover chapters 2 & 3 of the Iron Crane Pentalogy -
    Precious Sword, Gold Hairpin and Sword Force, Pear Shine respectively. No word on any other casting at this time although Ang Lee has expressed an interest in returning to direct.
  19. Yani The Observer

    Steven Seagal. Out For A Kill.

    One of the strangest bad good movies I've seen in a while. :D Seagal is really turning into chinese movie star and some scenes with him and some asian guy doing monkey kung fu (flipping on walls and stuff) was hilarious! ;)

    Ah, I really love martial arts movies. :D
  20. Yani The Observer

    I might be starting to "civilize" myself with those old Shaw Brothers films, like 36th Chamber -movies and Five Deadly Venoms. Anyone here fan of old school stuff?

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