Nonko 36-sai (kaji-tetsudai) (2008)

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    Nonko 36-sai (kaji-tetsudai) (2008)

    Thanks to fellow former Twitch contributor logboy for bringing the following to my attention: The official website for Kazuyoshi Kumakiri's Nonko 36-sai (kaji-tetsudai) is now online, although at present it's just a home page.

    Nonko 36-sai (kaji-tetsudai) stars (listed order corresponds to order on official website) Maki Sakai, Gen Hoshino, Kanji Tsuda, Hitomi Satô, Eri Nitta, Masayo Utsunomiya, Shigeru Saiki, and Shingo Tsurumi.

    There's Enterprise Inc. (K.K. Zearizu Entâpuraizu) is scheduled to release Nonko 36-sai (kaji-tetsudai) at the Warner Mycal Cinemas Kumagaya in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture on October 18th, and in Tokyo some time in December.

    Kumakiri's previous directing credits include Freesia - Bullet Over Tears (Furîjia), Green Mind, Metal Bats (Seishun kinzoku batto), The Volatile Woman (Kihatsusei no onna), The Ravaged House: Zoroku's Disease (Tadareta ie: 'Zôroku no kibyô' yori) - one of the movies in the Hideshi Hino's Theater of Horror (Hino Hideshi no za horâ: kaiki gekijô) hexalogy - Antenna (Antena), Hole in the Sky (Sora no ana), and Kichiku: Banquet of the Beasts (Kichiku daienkai).

    Nonko 36-sai (kaji-tetsudai) official website
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    The English-language title of Nonko 36-sai (kaji-tetsudai) is "Non-Ko".

    Here's a synopsis for Non-Ko from the official website for the movie: "Nobuko tried to be successful as an actress in Tokyo (stage name 'Nonko'), but wasn't popular. She married her manager and soon divorced. Now a once-divorced woman in her mid-30s, she returns home to the Shinto shrine that her family runs, to help out with domestic chores. Her father is always in a stubborn rage, her mother is always trying to calm things down. However, Nonko's married sister, who already has a daughter, scathingly says of Nonko, 'It's all over for her.' ¶ There's no place to run to and no place to belong, just a backwards little country town. The only thing to do is ride her bicycle to her friend's bar to drink with the owner, another divorcee. She can't remember the last time she got dressed up or had sex. ¶ Nonko, who is totally lacking in ambition, encounters a young man named Masaru. He has great expectations about selling chicks at the shrine festival. Nonko ends up taking him to the house of Yasukawa, who allots space for festival stalls. Masaru is rather naïve and pitiable, but this earnest and straightforward younger man puts a smile back on her face, and she gradually becomes more emotionally and physically receptive, until her ex-husband, Udagawa, makes his appearance. ¶ Nonko's heart begins to tremble."

    Non-Ko large theatrical trailer page

    Non-Ko small theatrical trailer page

    Non-Ko official website

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