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  1. "Ring" Collections

    Anyone here own anything "Ring" related? I'm a huge fan of the series, and have been collecting for not that long actually. Post pics if you can.


    Ring [1995]
    Ring: Kanzenban
    Ring [1998]
    Ring 2
    Ring 0
    The Ring Virus
    The Ring [2003]
    The Ring Two

    TV Dramas
    Ring - The Final Chapter

    Ring 2
    Ring: The Final Chapter
    Spiral (TV)
    The Ring/The Ring Two
    Ring 0: Birthday

    Drama CDs

    Ring 2
    Ring 0 - Birthday

    Video Games
    Ring: Infinity
    Ring: Terror's Realm

    The Ring [2003]
    The Ring Two

    Press Kits
    The Ring [2003] Press Kit
    The Ring Two Press Kit CD Ver.
    The Ring Two Press Kit DVD Ver.

    The Ring Companion
    Promenade of the Gods
  2. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Nice collection! It must have been really difficult to get hold of all those rare items :)

    We don't have anything like as much as all that: all the bog-standard releases, the first novel, the first volume of the manga, and the hideous Meikle crapfest, and that's about it really :lol:
  3. Thank you very much! What, "Meikle crapfest" are you talking about though?
  4. splatterman Guest

    not really a fan of the series but thats a mighty fine collection.
  5. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    The Ring Companion book *spit* :lol: I thought it was an appallingly written hack job of the worst calibre, but that's just a personal thing :lol:
  6. Ah, yes. I could not sit down and read that either. I have it mainly for reference reasons. In the back of the book it has credits for all the movies/dramas, and some other useful info as well.

    If you do want an interesting book though, pick up "J-Horror: The Definitive Guide to The Ring, The Grudge and Beyond". Quite a good book.
  7. tylerrobbins Guest

    Well said. That book is the Sarah Palin of horror film compendiums, it rather relishing in its ignorance, and is more or less a one-sided opinion piece. Awful.

    And that is a good collection! I have all of Suzuki's American-issued novels, and the Chip Kidd artwork makes them not just enjoyable to read, but really nice volumes to have sitting on a shelf. Being a huge lover the novel series, it's always nice to meet someone else who's taken the time to read them.
  8. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    I agree - I thought it was about 200% better than the Meikle thing, and not just because Alex and I got namechecked in the credits (although a little flattery is a nice thing) :lol:

    I also give a huge thumbs-up to our dear friend Jim Harper's awesome Flowers from Hell: The Modern Japanese Horror Film as well - beautifully written and with all the weight of his expertise and knowledge of the subject - unlike Meikle, who just scribbles crap for $$$$ :lol:
  9. pdn Guest

    Best put down ever! :notworth:

    I actually had a flick through that harpies' book at the weekend. My God! I
    didn't know whether to laugh or be very afraid. It's depressing that someone
    who positively revels in their own ignorance - and mistakes their anti-intellectualism
    for insight - is so popular and is seen as a genuine contender by certain segments
    of the American population.

    Anyway, back on topic. That is indeed an awesome collection!
  10. Troika Dead From The Kneck Up

    I actually have the Ring, Spiral and Loop novels but still haven't gotton around to reading them yet :snigger:
  11. The Kramer Project Brundlefly

    Man am I jealous of this collection! Im quite a Ring fan myself , below is my (inferior)collection thus far.


    Japenese Ring Trilogy Boxset [including short film Sleeping Bride]
    Ring Virus
    American Ring 1&2 boxset


    Ring [New edition paperback]
    Spiral [New edition paperback]
    Loop [Old edition Hardback]


    Ring 0 : Birthday
    Ring 2
  12. Not a bad collection at all, just keep at it!
  13. Ryuji Takayama Long Live The New Flesh

    I see that this topic hasn't been active lately, but these days I'm pretty much into the "Ring" universe, so here I come with my collection B-)

    Koji Suzuki - Ring
    Koji Suzuki - Spiral
    Koji Suzuki - Loop
    Koji Suzuki - Birthday
    Denis Meikle - The Ring Companion

    Ringu 2
    Ringu 0
    The Ring Virus
    The Ring (American version)
    The Ring twO
    The Ring twO (unrated edition)

    CD soundtracks:
    The Ring/The Ring twO

    For Christmas 2012 I'm getting:
    Sadako 3D (DVD movie)
    The Ring (manga)
    The Ring 2 (manga)
    Spiral (manga)
    Birthday (manga)
    Ring 0: Birthday (manga)

    and I'm waiting for these items to arrive (purchased from eBay):
    Ring: The Final Chapter (DVD)
    Rasen (TV show) (soundtrack CD)

    and these are the items that I don't have, that I'm still looking for:
    Ring [1995] (DVD movie)
    Ring: Kanzenban (DVD movie)
    Spiral (TV) (DVD)
    Ring 2 (soundtrack CD)
    Ring: The Final Chapter (soundtrack CD)
    Ring 0: Birthday (soundtrack CD)
    Ring: Terror's Realm (video game)

    Does anyone know where can I find the items from the upper list?

    I'd also like to have these things, but they are not only rare, but also as far as I know, they exist only in Japanese which I don't understand:
    Koji Suzuki - S (the novel)
    Ring: Infinity (video game)
    Ring (drama CD)
    Birthday (drama CD)
    Ring: Four Scarier Tales (the book)

    Does anyone know if any of the items from the upper list exist in English language?
  14. Koji Suzuki - S (the novel) - I was told it was being looked into for translation by Vertical.
    Ring: Infinity (video game) - WonderSwan game, never had and will never have official English release. Maybe a fan will translate it.
    Ring (drama CD) - Not in English.
    Birthday (drama CD) - Not in English and extremely rare. Only 1 reference to it on the Internet and I believe it's gone now.
    Ring: Four Scarier Tales (the book) - Only in Japanese. Proposed scripts for Ring 2.
  15. Ryuji Takayama Long Live The New Flesh

    oh so, "S" might be translated soon? That's awesome, I must get it once it comes out translated!

    BTW, man, would you be so kind to send me the DVD covers of "Ring: Kanzenban" and "Spiral (TV show)"? I know you made them by resizing the VHS covers, so you probably still have them in your PC. Could you send me those two? I'd be very thankful! :)
  16. Old.B Holding the keys to the Loopworld

    Koji Suzuki - S (the novel) - I was told it was being looked into for translation by Vertical.

    Really? I e-mailed them a few months back and they told me they had no plans at present to release it. That might have changed since then. Where'd you hear the news? I suggest everyone get on to Vertical and show your interest!

    My collection "Ring Trilogy Boxset" which includes Ring, Ring 2, Ring 0
    The Books, all hardback: Ring, Spiral, Loop, The Birthday, Promenade of the Gods (side story)
    The Ring Companion.
    TV: Ring: The Final Chapter
    Manga: Ring, Ring 2
  17. Ryuji Takayama Long Live The New Flesh

    Man, please tell me more about "Promenade of the Gods". I heard of it, I know it's a Suzuki's novel, but what does it have to do with the "Ring" universe? I've been thinking of purchasing it, but I can't find almost any information about it online, so I don't really know if I'm interested. So, is there any connection between "Promenade of the Gods" and the four "Ring" novels (Ring, Spiral, Loop, Birthday)? What do you mean when you call it a side story? Thank you in advance for telling me! :D
  18. Old.B Holding the keys to the Loopworld

    By side story I mean the story takes place in the Ring universe but the only connection between it and 'Ring' seems to be a passing reference of a TV cult which is the focus of the story of "Promenade of the Gods". There is nothing else that really connects them, no Sadako, no videotape, nothing supernatural or scientific horror. It's actually the weakest of Suzuki's Novels and I wouldn't recommend it at all. Here's a review of it http://filmjournal.net/oldboy/2009/02/03/promenade-of-the-gods/

    By the way, I forgot to mention in my last post there is a "S" manga too, not sure if it's based on the novel or book though but it's got poor reviews.
  19. Ryuji Takayama Long Live The New Flesh

    "S" manga?! Where did you find out about it? Show me, please!

    Thanks for the explanation on "Promenade of the Gods" ;)
  20. Old.B Holding the keys to the Loopworld

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