Shibuya Kaidan (1 & 2) - Shibuya Ghost Story

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  1. mongip Guest

    Shibuya Kaidan (1 & 2) - Shibuya Ghost Story

    Greetings Ghoulie Lovers!

    I just had to mention the latest little kid from hell: Sachiko.


    She's the creepy little source of bone-crunching havoc in Shibuya Kaidan and Shibuya Kaidan 2. These films are directed by Horie Kei who made an appearance on Joun 2 (theatrical version). My theory is that while working on Juon 2, Horie was possessed by Toshio and concocted the vision of this creepy little girl (which Toshio undoubtedly intends to wed should either of them ever grow beyond the age of 5).

    Just a heads up. These were both really creepy and are definitely worth keeping an eye out for. (I saw the unsubtitled Japanese versions.) You can read a brief review of the film(s) here for more info.
  2. Yani The Observer


    I saw that poster ages ago, but because I don't know Japanese many movies just fly-by because I have no idea of the name. Shibuya Kaidan, I'll remember that. :) That little girl doesn't look scary, but I believe when she does her "tricks", I wouldn't want to be close. Sounds interesting, I'll be keeping my eyes on this one.
  3. mongip Guest

    that's the one

    yes, that's definitely the one. That poster image is on the jacket of the prequel (Shibuya Kaidan 1). Here's the jacket of the sequel:


    little sachiko (or sa-chun as they call her) is pretty creepy. And you're right, her "tricks" are even creepier, especially the one where she makes you disappear.
  4. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    Thanks very much for pointing this one out for us Mongip. It looks essential, and I hope it's coming out with English subs... Just one question - is there a lot of detail on Shibuya lifestyle and culture in these films? If so they will be very interesting indeed.

    There are so many great Japanese films out there that have not been translated yet. I am sure there is room for at least two more distributors over here in the UK alone, let alone America. Your site is really great, not least because, understanding Japanese, you can review films that may never even be translated for us.

    Unfortunately my Japanese is not good yet. However I do have two untranslated titles - Senrigan, because I wanted to know what happened to the Green Monkey after Hypnosis :) and the whole of the Eko Eko Azaraku TV series on VCD, with only Chinese subs!

    Thanks also for your positive review of Malice@Doll. Glad to see more people rating this animation as an aesthetic masterpiece.

    Actually, Sachiko was the name of my last Japanese teacher, and if the ghost is as mean as her, we're in for trouble!
  5. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    She looks like Mitsouko at the end of Dark Water to me, only not so... green.
  6. mongip Guest

    And now for a little Shibuyan Culture

    Hi Midori

    thanks for the kind words regarding the reviews. As for Shibuya life-style and culture, the film goes to lengths to visually establish itself as taking place in Shibuya by using famous landmarks in its panoramic shots or known intersections for street shots. It also invokes (of course) Shibuya station and a local Shibuya hospital and police station.

    As for distinctly Shibuyan culture, however, I didn't catch much that sets these characters apart. There aren't any scenes of harajuku and the youth counter-culture if that's what you are looking for. But just so you don't feel devoid of such things, here's a little Shibuya-Harajuku culture for you:

    hee hee
  7. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    .... Raises one eyebrow, Roger Moore style...

    Er, Quite!

    ...adjusts cravate...
  8. skhottyboi Guest

    Does anyone know where I can download the trailer for either of the Shibuya Kaidan films, other than the official site or a site that simply links to the file on the official site? (I've downloaded that file several times, but it ALWAYS says that I'm missing some component, but that the missing component is not available for download, even though I have the latest version of Quick Time.) :shake:
  9. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Thanks to skhottyboi's ace recommendation, I've just scored a Singaporean VCD of Shibuya Kaidan 1 & 2 with English/Chinese burned-in subs on Ebay...

    I'll post more when I've seen 'em, but it won't get a review on SA until more people can get hold of it with English subs, as it doesn't seem to be readily available :( Here's hoping it gets around a bit! :mrgreen: has a little info, and a direct link to the .mov trailer file... not much about it around though :(
  10. skhottyboi Guest

    Thank YOU Mandi for the idea! I did the same myself! Can't wait to see them. Hopefully, they'll be good...
  11. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Ours arrived last week sometime, but still not got around to seeing it - perhaps we'll get a chance tomorrow... I wish this Singaporean properly-subbed DVD had been picked up by a store because we could review it then - still, there's always time I guess, and it's becoming available :D

    Hope you enjoy it skhottyboi - at least the story seems to be a new (and possibly interesting) variation on a rather old theme...
  12. skhottyboi Guest

    Well, Shibuya Kaidan 1 and 2 were waiting for me in the mail when I got home a couple of hours ago, and, needless to say, I immediately went and turned off the lights, turned up the volume on the stereo, and watched them both back to back. :-P Wow, these movies are creepy!!! When I first started watching Shiuya Kaidan 1, I wasn't sure what to think of it. But by the end, I was absolutely terrified! There were a few moments that really freaked me out and absolutely stunned me. :jawdrop: Rather than starting strong and losing steam and effectiveness as the film went on, this one started out decent, and just got scarier and scarier. On the negative side, the film definitely treads through familiar territory. However, unlike movies like One Missed Call (IMO), this one managed to feel somewhat fresh and different...not completely fresh, but fresh enough that it didn't feel like a rip-off or clone. Stylistically, it can be compared to the original V-Cinema Ju-on with a tiny dash of the bleakness found in Kairo. While the story is pretty straightforward, and familiar in its structure and themes, it doesn't seem to lessen the effect of the film. In that regard, it reminded me of the extremely simple, yet incredibly effective, plot of Ju-on, although Shibuya Kaidan eschews the vignette structure and focuses a bit more on character development and a growing sense of dread and tension.

    In terms of film quality and budget, it's much like the original Ju-on. It's shot on digital video and contains a limited supply of music and sound effects that are used over and over again. But, much like Ju-on, each time a song or sound bite was repeated, it seemed creepier than ever. However, four years have passed since Ju-on was made and this film really makes that noticable by showcasing updated technology and cg. I know I'm comparing the film to Ju-on an awful lot, but that's certainly not to say that it's a Ju-on clone.

    As for the second film, I thought it was pretty good, and still quite creepy, but not quite as effective as the first. That's not to say it wasn't plenty scary. In fact, I think it contained more scary scenes that were wonderfully executed than the first film. I think I just wasn't as scared from the second film because, by this point, the story and the ghost had become somewhat familiar. But one very nice aspect of the second film is that, visually, the ghost was a bit of an evolution of the ghost in the original, which I thought was very cool.

    Overall, although the direction seemed a bit less polished and perfected than the direction found in movies such as Ring and Ju-on (yet still quite excellent), I thought they were both VERY cool (and SCARY!) films, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more from this director. (If I can handle it.) :hiding:
  13. Yani The Observer

    Thanks for the reviews skhottyboi! Looking forward seeing these. :)
  14. jim harper Guest

    Mine arrived yesterday, so they're currently waiting in the queue. I'll let people know what I think of 'em when I get around to watching them. They look pretty interesting, it must be said.
  15. skhottyboi Guest

    my only major gripe is that the subs on the vcds I got were really tiny and hard to read, especially for someone like me with less than perfect vision. Also, the beginnings of sentences were often offscreen, which was frustrating. But hey, it's the only subbed release that I know of so far, so it's good enough for me at this point. :-P
  16. jim harper Guest

    I watched both of these last night. On the VCD they're set up as one film, with the end credits of the first one and the opening credits of the second missed off. It's still only about 140 minutes in length, so not a marathon session by any stretch.

    To get the obvious out the way, they're not particularly original. The Juon series is the clear inspiration, with (as someone's pointed out already) the ghost-child bearing a striking resemblance to the one in Dark Water. There are a few non-shock scenes that seem to be directly drawn from other movies too. It's clear that Horie Kei didn't have access to a steadicam (something Shimizu did), so occasionally you have to put up with wobbly camera angles. To his credit, Kei does a fair job with the minimum of Blair Witch-style problems.

    However, for the most part, the two films were pretty entertaining. Part of this is due to the production values, which were pretty good for a low-budget film. The pictures looks considerably better than the usual video camera crap, thanks no doubt to a decent digital camera. There's obviously some basic lighting used, something too many low-budget films try and do without. The cinematography is generally good, with some interesting camera angles and no overused facial close-ups. The music, while repetitive and a little cheap-sounding, is appropriately minimalist and quite effective. There are no musical cues for the shock scenes, which is always a nice thing. The shocks aren't staggeringly original, but it's good to see the director has his heart in the right place. The cast are much better than expected, especially the lead actress in the first film, who is also apparently in Dark Water. I'll have to watch it again and look for her.

    Anyway the point of this badly-written waffle is as follows: the Shibuya Kaidan films might not be 'the next J-horror sensation!!!(TM)', but they're worth watching and considerably better than much of the direct-to-video crap coming out of our favourite Asian nation at the moment.
  17. skhottyboi Guest

    I thought so! The whole time I was watching it, I was trying to figure out whether or not she was the same girl who played the teenage version of Ikuko in Dark Water. Thanks for the info! :-P
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    i refrain
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