Shibuya Kaidan (1 & 2) - Shibuya Ghost Story

Discussion in 'Asian Extreme Cinema discussion' started by mongip, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

  2. jim harper Guest

    And for those who just couldn't get enough of the first two films, there seems to be a TV series as well.

    I know Hollywood can go sequel crazy, but the Japanese really do take the prize for the cash-in TV series. I mean, did Another Heaven, Ring, Rasen, Hypnosis, One Missed Call and the many others actually need television follow-ups?
  3. Ichi-kun fab-dressed university student.

    If I have enough time and money, I might just pick up the "Sacchan no Toshi Densetsu" dvd box, even though they are unsubtitled (although I speak some Japanese).

    And apparently the "Sacchan no Toshi Densetsu" video isn't the same as the "Riaru Toshi Densetsu"....

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