Silmido (2003)

Discussion in 'Asian Extreme Cinema discussion' started by Mandi Apple, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Silmido (2003)

    This is an interesting-sounding movie - from the short synopsis at Poker (where I spotted this title), it almost sounds like a grown-up (and true story) version of Battle Royale 8) Makes me wonder if that Korean historical event influenced Koushun Takami in any way...

    This is that synopsis:

    "Based on the true story of the events that took place during the Silmido H.I.D. Project in the late 1960's in South Korea.

    A special training project has been created in South Korea to combat the growing threat of North Korea and Kim Il-Sung. 31 dysfunctional outcasts and criminals, including a captured North Korean Special Unit member, have been selected to undergo an incredibly hellish training with one mission in mind - to infiltrate the North Korean Presidential Palace, destroy the building, and behead Kim Il-Sung.

    When the mission is aborted, the 31 selected members are forced to continue training, with the supervisors resorting to executions to keep them in line. As the relationship between North and South Korea moves toward peace, a final decision is made to execute the Silmido Project, and the involuntary members of the unit."

    Anyone seen this?
  2. Yani The Observer

    Been wanting to see this quite a while. Looks good. There's nice Korean 3-disc set and cheap HK 2-disc set. :)
  3. Timster Guest

    I bought it a week ago but havent wached it yet. According to it was originally financed by Columbia Tristar but pulled out and in the end a Korean studio took over and issued an $8million budget. I cant wait to see it along with Taegukgi and i will report back.
  4. Just ok. It's just bothersome because everyone almost looks the same (they all seem to look cross eyed... well to me that is).
  5. animeguy Guest

    a good film, supposingly based on a true story. Nothing special. what makes it interesting is that it could be true. some pretty cool scenes in the film. I didn't really bget attach ir feeled for any of the characters since theres alot of them. i felt bad for one scene which i won't say cause it gives away a part of the movie. the 3 disc box is really nice but no subs for the extras.

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