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  1. The Kid on the Escalator Taste the happy.

    I'm surprised no one has made a thread on this classic Japanese film. It's an award winning movie from the 80's, dubbed as a "Japanese noodle western." The premise is simple; Tampopo, a struggling ramen shop owner, asks for the help of a group of seasoned noodle veterens to make the perfect bowl of noodles. But moreso, a better description of this movie is human existence reflected in a bowl of noodles. During the movie, short vignettes are scattered throughout it, ranging from 5-10 minutes long, all of them relating to food in some manner. The entire film humorously pinpoints and satirizes the relationship between food and sex, and is an absolute riot to watch. Just make sure you have a bowl of ramen nearby after the film. This movie is drool-enticing, and definitely worth tracking down.

  2. Judge Rage Youth of the Beast

    This is one of my favorites. Juzo Itami's best, and that is a compliment... We make sure to watch it at least once or twice a year.

    Some might recognize a certain Oscar nominee in the cast, as well... 8)
  3. firm Guest

    I saw this when it was shown ages ago as part of a channel 4 film season on movies about food. They showed A Taxing Woman later on but it lacked the satirical edge and the charming vignette structure of Tampopo.
  4. Judge Rage Youth of the Beast

    This one really is still as funny as the day it was released. Minbo (Anti-Yakuza Woman) is another very good one by Itami.

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