Umbilical Cord / Saitai

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    Umbilical Cord / Saitai


    Distribution rights for Naoki Hashimoto's upcoming Umbilical Cord (Saitai) are now being offered for sale by Eleven Arts Inc..

    The screenplay for Umbilical Cord was written by Hashimoto and Kiyotaka Inagaki. The movie's cast includes Sayoko Oho, Miyu Yagyû, Ryôko Takizawa, Hiroshi Sakuma (a.k.a. Jong-ho Lee), Miho Fujima, and Ako Masuki.

    Here's a synopsis for Umbilical Cord from Eleven Arts: "Mika, who was abandoned by her mother at birth and grew up in an orphanage, is now an adult and finds her biological mother, Naoko. ¶ There, Naoko was living with a kind husband and their only child, Ayano. ¶ For a few days, Mika watch them from a distance... and she makes a decision. She talks to Ayano, who is on the way to school. With artful words, she kidnaps Ayano. She takes her to a building and locks it from inside. Their severe days alone have started... ¶ Without water, food, or even a toilet, [the] two of them get weakened. Mika says, "I will destroy you. Until you're destroyed, I'll be here with you." Ayano goes insane. On Day 3, Mika calls Naoko. "Naoko still keeps it a secret of the fact that she abandoned a newborn baby. That's why I will destroy the most important thing in your life." And she hangs up. ¶ Ayano is weakened and her eyes look dead. Mika is also weakened, but her eyes are alive. ¶ On Day 5, Mika takes Ayano and leaves the building to head for the fishing port Naoko is at. She abandons Ayano at the end of the port and watches her from a distance. Finally, Naoko finds Ayano and rushes toward her, screaming. Revenging herself on her, Mika grins. ¶ But seeing Naoko hold Ayano, wailing, Mika's face freezes. She starts walking toward Naoko step by step. And their eyes meet. ¶ Then both Mika and Naoko act unexpectedly. What's there is the umbilical cord connecting the two."

    Eleven Arts: Umbilical Cord (w/ stills)

    Wilco: Umbilical Cord

    News source: Trailer Park subsite
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    The trailer for Birthright has been added to YouTube.

    Here's a new synopsis for Birthright from Eleven Arts: "Ayano, an energetic teen, is intercepted by an unknown face wearing an unsuspecting school uniform on her walk to class. This young girl, tells Ayano that a guy friend of hers thinks Ayano is super cute. Naturally, the bubbly Ayano can't help but want to join her in cutting class to go meet this cute guy. While waiting for Ayano's secret admirer to return to what Ayano is lead to believe is the boy's car, she becomes quickly overpowered by the older girl, blindfolded and bound to the seat. Ayano awakes in a locked basement with her kidnapper who now will not mutter even a sound to her, let alone explain why she is to be starved of food and water till death. However, Ayano's distraught family is soon to learn that their daughter's kidnapping is the result of her mother's doing and that this girl has spent her entire existence studying the way to make Ayano and her family suffer."

    YouTube: Birthright trailer

    Birthright official website

    Eleven Arts: Birthright (w/ stills)
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