What movie is this? (WAS: Dont remeber...)

Discussion in 'Asian Extreme Cinema discussion' started by Vovin, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. chevkoch Brundlefly

    I already found out: it's Musuko (My Sons) by Yoji Yamada. A great film I can wholeheartedly recommend.
  2. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Thanks for letting us know what it was - I'd never seen it so I couldn't help, but it sounds very interesting :D
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  4. robayn Brundlefly

    Ghost movie - maybe Korean?

    I'm looking for a movie about a group of girls that are being tormented and killed off by a the ghost of another girl.. and there's a teacher in it that comes from another town..
    all I really remember is that the ghost ended up being the spirit of the mother of a girl that was killed by the town because she was blind, but could see (with the aid of her psychic mother) and has come back to seek vengeance on the town for killing her daughter, and herself.. and the teacher ends up being a reincarnation of the mother or something and in the end there's a scene of her with a little girl on a beach, and the last image is the little girl looking over her shoulder at the camera VERY creepy and ominous-like.

    Sorry for the spoilers, but it's all I remember of the movie.
  5. Inferno1980 Tomie won't die...

    Thats the South Korean film Bunshinsaba (Witch Board).
  6. robayn Brundlefly

    Yesssss you are absolutely right. Now that you've named it I remember it all, thank you!
  7. tiggzy Brundlefly

    Hey guys ... been visiting the forum for a couple of dayz now and decided to join.
    I'm a fan of the martial arts movies and so on..i jus luv them..and i'm wondering if u guys could help me figuring out the name of one in particular...

    well, i watched it a long time ago so i dont remember the name of it, plz help. It has a character in there by name of 'No Thirteen', he's a monster that terrorizes a village i think. I also remember the name of another one of the characters, his name is 'Fasteed'. There was this girl in there walking around selling flowers called white jasmin. The movie began with 'Fasteed' riding on a horse in the mountains and it was snowing, he then had a battle there with another man.

    Please dats all i can remember..if anyone knws the name please tell me thnx in advance
  8. Yani The Observer

    Welcome tiggzy! I moved your post to this thread since it's an inquiry. :)
  9. tiggzy Brundlefly

    ok thanks much Yani
  10. jesusbot Guest

    I need help finding a movie.

    It's been a long while since I've come around these parts (the better part of two years!), but hello. I'm trying to find a movie for a good friend who saw it once years ago and has been unable to locate it since. I'm calling on the collective minds of the Snowblood forums in an attempt to finally discover this mystery movie.

    The details, as I know them:

    1. Black and white, likely late 40s or early 50s.
    2. Takes place on (or at the least filmed on) the French Riviera.
    3. The language was either French or English. I can't ask my friend which it was again because I'm trying to surprise him when I eventually find it.
    4. The story revolves around a husband who is unable to make love to his wife, and the wife then having an affair in an attempt to get pregnant, which she believes would make her husband happy.
    5. There is a deposed king character who gives us the following line, in paraphrase/misquote:

    "He is a king among men as much as I am a fool among kings."

    It is not Remous, despite the similarities.

    I know this a long shot but I remember thinking pretty highly of the cinema IQs of you all when I posted and lurked here, so I hope that the answer may come of this. I'm sorry if this constitutes as a spam thread or if there was another thread I did not locate for this sort of thing, but I am really am desperate here.
  11. III Brundlefly

    Need help finding a movie.

    I remember a movie I seen when I was younger on TV and I need help figuring out what it was. All I really remember is that it was a Japanese, Korean or Chinese movie and there was some sort of demon monster guy killing these teenagers and only one girl survives in the end. I think they were in a factory or something of some sort because the bad guy dies from getting crushed between some gears as far as I remember. If anyone has any idea what it might be I would appreciate it, thanks.
  12. Alex Apple Lord Snowblood Apple

    Evil Dead Trap?
  13. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Nah, it's not EDT, no-one gets squished in that as far as I remember, though the concept sounds reasonably close...
  14. sakosanke Brundlefly

    Searching for title of japanese (horror?) movie

    Hi there and sorry for my bad english. :roll:

    I'm searching for the title of a japanese (horror?) movie.
    The movie seems to be from the 1990's - I've only seen a short clip of it on satellite-tv in the late 90's (1998? 1999?) and I remember only one scene:

    A japanese schoolgirl was sitting on stairs and talking to a face that was located on her (iirc) right knee. When some other students arrived, she tried to hide the face, but one other girl discovered it. Then some of them were talking to the face (on the girls knee).

    It looked like a really strange movie ... too bad I really don't know if this was a horror flick or just some other trash (this short clip has been aired around 1999(?) on KrismaTV - an experimental satellite-tv-station from Italy(?) that showed some videoclips combined with trashy 90's techno music). Maybe someone here can help me find the title for this movie! :help:
  15. evilyn garnett Long Live The New Flesh

    eccentric psycho cinema question

    Just watched a bit tonight w/out subtitles and so couldn't watch for long but the scenario looked familiar--goofy psycho guy pestering tied up woman in a sexual but also infantile manner utilizing a plastic airplane and making a big deal about seeing her coochie. I know, I know but it's actually NOT the beginning of EVERY Japanese movie ever made. There's something about the guy in it that seemed very familiar..anyone know who he is? Anything about this film? I think it's from Eccentric Psycho Cinema 1 but am not sure....if anyone knows anything much appreciated.
  16. noirist Guest

    What film/sci fi Asian show is this? Clip included.

    Hey guys,

    Just browsing on the imdb horror section and somebody posted asking what film or tv show is this? I watched the clip and it looks cool so now I want to know too! >.<

    In the clip, a young woman is being chased by another young woman in black. They are in an alley/outdoor warehouse type kind of setting, there is a kind of jazz music playing in background. A car pulls up and a man gets out and watches the two women. The woman in black shoots the other and walks over to her body. As she enters the pool of light we notice both women have the same face. The woman in black stoops over the other and "tears" off her face under which the womans face is nothing! Like a mannequins!

    I am curious now so if anyone could watch the clip and tell me I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :)

    Here is the Youtube link:
  17. noirist Guest

    Whoops, apologies for posting in the wrong place before!
  18. Mooncake Guest

    Hmm, sorry, I couldn't tell you what film it is. Though now I'm rather intriged!
  19. Does this film ring a bell?

    Someone on IMDB posted this:

    Does this ring a bell to anyone? It sounds interesting, but I've never heard about it.
  20. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

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