Zatoichi: The Last / Zatôichi: The Last (2010)

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    Asia Video Publishing Co. Ltd. (AVP) is scheduled to release Sakamoto's Children of the Dark (Yami no kodomo-tachi) on DVD (NTSC, region 3, English subtitles) in Hong Kong on February 26th; the DVD is available for pre-order from (Haus Ltd.) for only $10.51 U.S.. Children of the Dark H.K. DVD Children of the Dark English-subtitled teaser trailer Children of the Dark

    Children of the Dark official website (w/ theatrical & teaser trailers)

    News source: Trailer Park subsite (an "NSFW ghetto", and unabashedly so!)
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    Zatoichi: The Last, Even the name is a bit of a disappointment for the lovers of the Zatoichi series. It seems as the name suggests, we will be seeing the last of the iconic blind warrior in this movie. To top it the role is played by a much younger actor far too young for a fictional hero we have all loved this long. Rumor says it will be the last public appearance of Ichi.

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