The Campaign Page - 2


So we awaited with eager anticipation the arrival of Kid Marine.

We were impatient. We read the reviews on PB.

We listened to the 'KM sucks' lobby. We were semi-convinced. We gave time to the 'KM is actually quite good' brigade. They, too, were passionate in their arguments. We put up with those who ordered the vinyl, and had to wait for Bob to get his arse into gear and sign the damn things. And we got a brief, vicarious judder of a Luddite variety when, having been shipped a good few weeks after the CD, it was complained that the corners were bent, spines split and all the low numbers had disappeared.

And still we waited.

And waited for what seemed like an extremely long time. UNTIL, that is, the fateful day. We had, to be honest, thought about protesting a bit more like, you know, just for the hell of it and that, get us out the house and away from Richard and Judy. We thought about kidnapping Mayor Pilkington until Luna promised to fly it to us personally.

But we ended up at Avebury instead, and we stood and gawped at some stones.

(A brief aside for all you amateur psychologists - what does it mean when you have a recurring dream that Silbury Hill collapses in on itself? Mavis would like to know)

Sadly, this did not take long. So Mavis bought herself a bike and took to the hills. And fell off quite a lot. That said, she did at the same time listen to Not In My Airforce quite a lot, and discovered she quite liked it apart from the last six. She also tried listening to Get Out Of My Stations a lot, and finally 'got' it, but only after Daniel Bishop made her.

We need another gratuitous graphic here, so here's a shot of Adam's foot taken whilst he was listening to GOOMS.
It was at this point that Adam realised he hadn't had much to drink that day, so suddenly started. This is what he looked like next morning, still none the wiser as to what Kid Marine actually sounded like. Dancing to architecture, etc.

The campaign continued apace.

There were plans to wear a badge that looked like this.
Or like this.
Or even like this.

But we gave up, 'cos we couldn't find a sticker maker. And no-one would have known what we were talking about in the first place.

We thought about back patches for denim jackets, like the ones you used to see for Iron Maiden all the time in the eighties, but we realised we'd have to buy denim jackets and we really didn't want to look like Status Quo. Or like sad eighties rejects, either.

And Kid Marine came and went...and so did the news of TVT signing Bob...and the radio broadcast no-one Mavis knew seemed to get...and the mention on John Peel for Clem 'Master of the seven inch' Lane...and now we're sounding like Deral...................................Fenderson...........................again......................

And still we got nowhere.

Back to the index page. Ho-hum.

BUT...late breaking news...

We need ideas. We've run out of steam. Mail us inspiration

Dan Robinson is an honourary member of the campaign as he rocks. Not literally, you understand, but he did us CDRs of the Irving Plaza show and therefore is as cool as ice.