Mavis's Dream

Issue Five (still in writing!)

Blue stuff is stuff is work in progress and not here yet...

Another word from Mavis

Mandi Apple on her albums of the moment

The ubiquitous Jason Thornberry Reviews Page

Sigur Rós live in Brighton

Guided By Voices's mini UK tour

Grandaddy live in Bristol

Rocket From The Crypt live in Bristol

DAAU live in Bruges, Belgium

Our new reviews subsection

Mavis's problem page. Be very afraid.

Norton Malreward talks about his hobby

This issue's Enrique Godzilla column


Mavis's Dream

Issue Four

Mavis welcomes you

A really long, track-by-track review of Guided By Voices's Suitcase

CD reviews

The Jason Thornberry reviews page

Our new columnist Nempnett Thrubwell reports on what he does in his time off

The writers of chuck magazine report on the latest exploits of North Wiltshire's top pop phenomenon, Billey Kipper

Sigur Ros live in Iceland

...and you will know us by the trail of dead and The Damned live

Mavis answers your problems

Mandi Apple on Cardiacs

Enrique Godzilla's latest ramblings


Mavis's Dream

Issue Three

Godspeed You Black Emperor live in Bristol

Of Arrowe Hill interview

Loads of actually quite decent reviews!

Mandi Apple does a DAAU exposé

James Wykeham-Martin on The Dead C

Live reviews - City Slang festival and Swindon's brightest hopes

Our columnist Enrique Godzilla gives us his views

Links and credits

Mavis's Dream

Issue Two

Deral Fenderson - man on a mission

Our review of the Ochre 5 festival

Bubblegun interview

More reviews!



Mavis's Dream

Issue One

Bob Pollard - guru or guano?


Loafing - Mavis's top tips

Are you a true Swindoner? - try our quiz




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