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Deral Fenderson

Man on a mission


Deral Fenderson is a man on a mission. Performance artist, piss-taker, prankster extraordinaire. He produces some of the most downright obtuse music you will hear this year. He also produces some of the downright prettiest stuff too. And we gave his last album a pretty rotten slagging last issue too. But weíve since caught up with him, got down on our knees and apologised, and his Deral-ness gave us an email interview. Now, anyone for seven minutes of feedback?


Right. Here goes. No need to answer all of them if you don't want to.

- In percent, just how much cooler are you than Graham Smith?

at least 6.66% cooler.

- Have you ever been to any of the following: Bristol, Leeds, Swindon, the outer Hebrides, the Dalmation Coast or Montana?

Well I've driven through Bristol (you can get fireworks there, but there's a lot of rednecks driving racecars too) and I own "the who live at leeds" on record. Are those spotted dogs really from the dalmation coast? I want to go to Montana because they are lax on speeding (Virginia is a police state). I hear they grow dental floss there.

- Finish this phrase in no more than ten words: I think I look great in a dress because... Iíve always paid attention to my girlish figure? I'm badass!

- When did you last floss successfully? I just did. Thanks for the reminder! I almost forgot.

- Do Americans really have a fixation with oral hygiene? I try to, but I always get distracted by more interesting things. When I was a kid at the dentist's office, I used to be fascinated with this big teeth and big toothbrush toy that they had. You could practice brushing the big teeth, but I found that it was more fun to take the teeth and bite my sister on the arm. I always got into trouble for doing that, yet it never ceased to amuse me.

- Name one thing you would like to take with you on a railway journey to Swindon. My blue t-shirt that says "I partied at Andy's bar mitzvah"

- How do you pronounce Deral? Deee-rall? Deh-ral? Deh-rarrl? I've always pronounced it duh-ral. The weirdest one I heard was drail by this hottie redheaded Canadian on some porn chatroom that's being served to the web from Amsterdam. Her name is Brooke, and she'll be making an appearance on the Donkeylarch album. - Write three words in a foreign language. domo arigato, glaham! (Mavisís note: We have no idea what this means)

- What is a donkeylarch? Itís a little known tree from the Midwest, that donkeys grow on. (I believe its number four.) Itís also a mailing list available at Finally, itís the name of the upcoming double CD concept album from Deral Fenderson. Itís about aliens, cats, the radio, advertising, mind control, anal probings, abduction, and alienated youth. Think a bastard love child of "Smile", "The Who Sell Out", "Tommy", "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" and "Black Foliage" taught by Robert Pollard in school and turned onto drugs by Dene and Gene Ween.

- And what is monkey starch? Should I use it to press my shirts? Of course. Sure its awful that I've invested hundreds of pennies into this cruel practice of grinding live monkeys into a powder, but it really does make that collar stiff! - There are, apparently, three degrees of separation from Deral Fenderson to Pee-wee Herman. Give them. Dude mang its better than that!! I got a handjob in the theater (and I didn't even have to do it myself!) when I saw him in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." This of course links me to Jimmie Walker!! Dyno-mite!! Jimmie Walker was in Murder Can Hurt You (1980) (TV) with Tony Danza. Tony Danza was in "Tony Danza Show, The" (1997) with Shaun Weiss. Shaun Weiss was in "Pee-wee's Playhouse" (1986) with Pee-Wee Herman.

- Would you ever consider playing a gig in Swindon? No.

- Please? Oh alright. You twisted my arm.

- Think of a number. Now double it. Add 17, multiply by three, and divide by two. What's the total, and what relationship does it have to an infinite amount of men in gorilla outfits? 2023.5 Those fucking monkeys are pissed! They hired mercenaries!

- Did you have too much to dream last night? I wish. I haven't been dreaming too much lately. I miss the fuck out of dreamtime. I usually have really vivid dreams when I do. My mind is all kinds of wacky.

- Can you control your own dreams? Sometimes. I haven't been in the proper mindset as of recent. I need to get myself back on a rigid sleep schedule along with proper dosages of melatonin. Then I'll have the most wacked out lucid dreams that I have complete control over. Jumping off of buildings, flying and killing people. Woo hoo!

- Ever read Freud? What do you reckon to what he said about dreams, basically that everything in a dream has a context to do with the day you've just experienced, only it's way more complicated than that and has everything to do with shagging your mother? I've read Freud, and he's interesting, but I can assure you and him that I have absolutely nothing for my mother. But your mom, that's a whole other bag!

- Who would you most like to be in a band with, and in what era of rock? Brian Wilson right around '66 or '67. I'd have never given him the shit that Mike Love did. He can rot in hell for all I care. and I probably wouldn't have toured either. It would have been too much fun working on Smile to want to tour. Brian just needed some positive influence, something he didn't always get from the people around him.

- XTC come from Swindon. Ever had stage fright? Nope. I love being in front of people. I'm a born entertainer.

- Give us your theory on what's going to happen at 12am, January 1st 2000 (if anything). The world's gonna end! Actually I'm looking forward to seeing just exactly what happens with this Y2K bug. I hope the computers crash and the system goes down in a fiery blaze! I'm already poor.

- Ever been caught doing anything embarrassing in public? No, but I got a hummer in a church once.

- Got your mojo workin'? I'm working on it. Sometimes I feel like my ten gallon hat is five gallons flat.

- Ever closely examined the contact point of the opposing rams? No.

- In fifty words EXACTLY, tell us why we should buy your records. Deral Fenderson is your friend. But more than that, he is your spiritual guide. Your personal savior. He processes all aspects of good rock (whether its pop, metal, or noise) and gives to you a slab of sound you can be proud of (but can't necessarily take home to mom).

Links: for Deral's online music archive

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