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My name is Enrique Godzilla, and I am correspondent Portuguese of Mavis. I am living currently in England, thus for the moment I will wander a little around the place. Acceptance please my apologies for my bad English.

Last week I had the misfortune to give to attention to the Jools Holland and its "rhythm and orchestra of the blue ones" in a park in Surrey. Now, taken for granted that a park in Surrey posh is not the best place to see a band, in especially becomes is it in an environment where the batches of fifty years old bring enormous great shitting tables and eat picnics by them. A great thanks, for the way, to the pair that had shared of its salad of the beans with me. Although my hatred of you is because I am one socialist committed, and of war of the class is the only way that the people in charge, politicians corrupt, are ousted of its complacency cosy, you, lady, is a cook very finished. In contrast to Jools Holland, which was one pithy, very annoying (and short) and it could only play two types of song: rhythm, and bluesy. The Blues Brothers were not less certainly. The theme of Danger Man and one ballad of Sam Brown was only -- only -- the best points. It was embarrassing to see all these peoples posh to make the twist as if it had not left the building in 1956. Perhaps I do not have a bone of boogie in my body feeble.

In the other notices, I am downloading batches of free music of Napster. I would like personally to thank the person who invented Napster, because she gave the chance to me all possess the nonsense really really bad of the chart that you like privately but one would never really want it to be seen to enter in a store record to buy. And when I visited in a match of the league of rugby in Halifax to another week, I was delighted hearing its imaginative chant "ooh, Hally Hally, Hally Hally Hally Hally Hally.....FAX!" he was based on no small part of Son Of The Father of the Chicory Tip. Which is now safe and ensconced in my hard drive with the entry of the Eurovision of 1971 New Seekers, Beg Steal Or Borrow. But the competition of the song of Eurovision is forbidden now of my country because that we use it to start a revolution around the same time. Shame.

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