Mavis's Dream Four







My name is Enrique Godzillar™, and I am correspondent Portuguese of Mavis. I am living currently in England, thus for the moment I will wander a little around the place. Acceptance please my apologies for my bad English.

I have recently returned from a trip to the Antuérpia because the Apple of Mandi said that they were really peoples of ace. Thus I sample in the Halles de Schaerbeek that I cannot really pronounce (I am Portugese, you he sees) a show of DAAU (he was wanking) and was then to hang for with DAAU lads of Lenski for a pair of the days. Yawn. They live in an old house that thankfully been demolished has for some pleasant new blocks gleeming of the tower for the peoples. Because I am one socialist revolutionary of long position, me was also disturbed to find in such a way that lads of DAAU is in anarchists, of the fact. Oh that amusement we had around the table of the room having supper of a night that we argue the life, the Lenin and the Leffe Brune. However, by a time that I had carried through that I never in one year full of Sundays would these albeit charming strange boys to the Marxism-Leninism convert, they had throw batches of the fuck biscuits in me and had refused to speak to me for the rest of the week. I sat down with my Natalya (friend of Russia) in the alive room, and the Lenskis seated sulking in the kitchen that traces the fall of the civilization with help of the accordions. Biscuits tasty, mind.

The party of the festival of Wiltshire in the park did not give to the dream of Mavis no free tickets. I mean, approach me, an ideal account that characterizes the Steps, Fierce and an entire batch of the bands nobody hear ever of? I really wanted to go. Really. But in all the case, he became fulfilled himself in the Holiday Monday of the Bank and us, I had the things better to make, like the punks hippy in Glastonbury to watch. Thus, to conserve us the problem really of to go to the thing, I gave attention to the highlights in HTV the one week later. And, true to form, me check in late, approximately incompletely half, only time for pay attention to some, presumably, old soul legend wheeze its way through That’s The Way I Like It, that the children approximately know from advertisement of ago six year only. Quite antiseptic, really, thus that I let us we step backwards of TV and shouted many times that we could not believe thus that many peoples were there. Looked at in television as if had approximately 70.000, but, as the way says that the cameras had put ten pounds on a person, there was probably approximately six. But then I turn over a bit, because the old legend of the soul left its song to hesitate on too much for much time per approximately forty minutes. Terrible.

Then it had Fierce, that it sang live but badly to one treads of the track backing. I give attention preferred to Trek Voyager of the Star. Vengaboys comes in saying that deficient old Denise sick (too much dust of talcum to give that complexion pale, us counts) but is welded through the lip-synching anyhow. Strangely, the Venga track one changes total female one's dumb voice, so that obligation is part of Denise. Masculine of Venga One and Masculine of Venga Two is prancing approximately as sailors and makes fools generally of selves. We reserve ours cheering for any one that is shown in the multitude that we know.

And Steps. Hey! The curtain that is made the stage to look at approximately six feet deep suddenly raises to disclose to a stainless steel ginormous set that the Steps and more dancers humiliate theyselves on same. But two songs inflicted in us before toll the credits, are both crap, and we have an urge to go backwards to the Glasters and cheer punks that instead sing Pretty Vacant in a guitar acoustics. And the No, no-one wanted to give an interview to us. Rock and reel, hey?

I have observed recently that the batches of the peoples of Swindon have consumed t-shirts. This is not right. It must stop. Special if they are marked. Lenin did not plan for we so that we could consume high of Nike with impunity. If I to come see an ideal reader of Mavis to walk around Swindon - or certainly in any place - in one t-shirt, I will not have no hesitation in being forced to remove it.