Mavis's Dream Four







A word from our editor, Mavis Trickle



Welcome to Mavis's Dream 4. We’ve expanded again this time around, and at times twenty pages (yeah, this was lifted straight from the printed version, but hey...) seemed too little. This is in no small part due to Mavis’s wife, who has written for Mavis lots more super stuff. The silliness quota has gone up a little too, but hey, Nempnett Thrubwell is a persuasive kind of guy, We’re also grateful to the (thirteen year old) editors of chuck™ magazine, who came here on a week’s work experience to see what they could learn for their rag, er, magazine, and who ended up producing all of page 15.

A quick word about our reviewing policy, as a few people seem to have taken issue with it over the last few months. Namely: our reviewers (namely myself, Mandi, Jason and James) are encouraged to speak their own minds. We are not in anyone’s pay. A review in this ‘zine, whether positive or negative, does not imply either a “party line” or that anyone but the reviewer holds the opinion expressed. For better or worse, we state what we feel to be true. It’s a fair point that too much negative criticism may run the risk of killing off any kind of local ‘scene’ but you’ll find that we always try, when reviewing local bands, to encourage the positive and point out the slackness. For an example of that, check out my review of the first y… gig at the Vic last August featured in Dream Three. Taking issue with a review is fine—I mean, when did you last read criticism of anything that you totally agreed with? - but, frankly, insults and threats, implied or otherwise, are unacceptable. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, as the saying goes, and don’t expect us to like something just because you think we have to. You run the risk of not getting any coverage at all. Look, at the risk of getting ranty here, Mavis's Dream costs us money to produce, we get no freebies or gratuities for it and we run at a considerable financial loss, currently about Ł200 for the first three issues. None of the staff are paid, we all give up our time and effort for the love of music and wanting to spread the word about the thing we love. So you can have objectivity, or you can have a sycophantic rag. It’s your choice.

No-one last issue seemed to want to enter our competition to win a copy of GbV’s Tigerbomb EP, so simply tell us why you want it, and you can have the damn thing. A big thanks to Mandi Apple this issue for all her hard work on this issue, with all her reviews and graphics. Without her, this issue would never have been complete, and neither would Mavis be complete either. Oh yes! We’ve also got ourselves a domain name ‘cos the old Xoom site was way too slow. Cool, or what? And don’t you dare answer what...