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Of Arrowe Hill played their first gig supporting Pasta Baton at the Fleece in Bristol in October 1999. Since then, they’ve been described as ‘the best band in Britain’ and have spread the psychedelic word via a mysterious 7 inch single and a few gigs here and there. Ian and Adam submitted thusly to Mavis’s routine (and by now somewhat familiar) email grilling…

- What would you take with you on a train trip to Swindon?

return ticket (this is obviously standard answer by now.. yes?)

- And on the same subject, give us your true impressions of the place. No need to be coy now.

like COventry.. but more so...

- Write for us a sentence in a foreign language.

per acerbus ad astra

- There are, apparently, three degrees of separation between of Arrowe Hill and Dave "Beefcake" Jones of Primrose Hill. Name them.

ian plays in of Arrowe Hill ian works in Primrose Hill that's two...

- This whole psychedelic thing. Is it still relevant?

depends... we'll tell you when the walls stop breathing.

- What is the title of your new single? 111 (which is the one I've got) can't possibly be it. And how long did it take you to fold them all neatly into brown paper bags?

a) "A Dull Today Is Darker Yesterday's Bright Tomorrow" b) don't know.. haven't finished them all yet...

- Finish this sentence in no more than ten words. Of Arrowe Hill are the best thing since...

Benny Hill, Primroise Hill and William Hill.

- What is going to happen on September 8th 2002? What do you want to happen?

a) sign on. b) not sign on.

- Favourite album ever?

it's 2 albums on a C90 tape.. Guided By Voices - 'Bee Thousand' on side 1 / Love - 'Forever Changes' on side 2.

- Your collective rock curriculum vitae, please.

our past really has no relevance on our future.. and besides, some folks don't deserve the recognition.

- Do you wake up in the morning and think, "ooh, I'm in a band"? Or is it more a case of, "Christ, I'm late for work. Again."?

no... it's more like "Who's bed is THIS????"

- Does of Arrowe Hill have a manifesto, not necessarily a political one, but more a case of "this is what we're going to do and this is how we're going to do it"? no.. but we do have the log book for a 1965 Triumph Herald. we use it like the I Ching. Do you hope to be a success? What would you class as being successful? Is it all about being successful at all? Is being successful (however you define it) an end in itself, or a way of standing out from all the other bands around, or what? (sorry - this is more than one question).

if being successful, means making good music.. then yes. (that's the answer to all the questions)

- What are you going to do with the 50p profit you're going to make from the run of singles?

on a new Triumph Herald log book (1966 edition).

- On a Popt! tip, any more releases in the pipeline?

another of Arrowe Hill release.. this time a split 7" with Norwegian Psychedelic magicians The Dipsomaniacs. after that.. ????

- Is Arrowe Hill anywhere in particular

at the bottom of the bed.

and why's it got an extra e?

'cos you never know who you may run into on a Saturday nite.

That'll probably do.


Contact of Arrowe Hill via their website,

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