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Page 1 of our Cardiacs Gallery... thanks to Sean Worrall of Organ for letting us scan his zine; if there's anything here which shouldn't be, mail us and we'll take it down ASAP. Click the Alphabet animation for a link straight to Cardiacs Officialdom; click here for assorted Cardiacs ephemera page 1 and here for page 2

Official band photo circa 1876. L-R Dominic Luckman, Jon Poole, Jim Smith and Tim Smith

Sea Nymphs official promo photo. L-R: Sarah Smith, Tim Smith and Bill Drake

The cover of Organ zine's Cardiacs Anthology, 1993

Scan of a page from the Organ Anthology

Lime Lizard magazine, early 90s.

Sarah, as taken by Mandi

Portrait of Sarah from the Organ Anthology

Who'd have thought it? Cardiacs in Smash Hits, circa "This Is The Life"

Another page from the Organ Anthology

Tim Smith

Tim Smith

This is where it all started: when Mandi first met Tim