last updated: 6th April 2003

click on the labels below to go to each section - Official DAAU site, being updated even as we speak. They also have their own page at Nevada Snowdon (management)... - which is here temporarily, and covers some tour dates and various bits 'n' pieces. - Hanno Bunjes' DAAU Internet Community Site. Saying it's comprehensive is a little like saying that the Atlantic is a bit damp. - official Adrian Lenski site, with DAAU tour diary in German and English
. Read it and weep. Funnier literature you will not find this side of The Onion. - Official dEUS site, now revived and being updated again, taken over and kind of mind-melded with Arthur's legendary I Suffer Rock site, with a community forum, loads of info and pix, and well, everything. - Fantastic, extremely comprehensive unofficial dEUS site owned by Jyves. - Alison and Martin's excellent site dedicated to their professional photos of Belgian bands. - Quinten van Wichelen's incredible and humoungous
site mainly devoted to Rudy Trouve and all his incarnations, but also to every Belgian alt. band you can think of. Alarmingly brilliant. - French dEUS site - Belgian Rock and Pop Archives - Another site covering Belgian bands - More pages on Antwerp Music - Heyme Langbroek's site about Heavenhotel bands eg Gore Slut, Kiss My Jazz, etc - Heyme Langbroek's (ex-Kiss My Jazz etc) homepage - Suzanne Maas's dEUS site - The Weeping Ground, one of Marie Man's sites covering mainly dEUS, Zita Swoon, and Matthieu Ha - Unofficial Soulwax site - Kill Your Darlings Soulwax site - Official Dead Man Ray site. Looks great, not much content... - Official Think of One site - Steven Van Impe's Think of One site - official Flowers for Breakfast site - Studio Brussel radio site - Unofficial An Pierlé site - Fansite dedicated to Mauro, he of ex-Evil Superstars and now solo fame, with lyrics, photos, bio, discography and articles. - Kindamuzik e-zine, though e-zine doesn't really cover the comprehensive nature of the site. - Millionaire site, featuring Tim Vanhamel (ex-dEUS and Evil Superstars) - Mandi is currently the editor here, plenty of known and unknown stuff for your browsing delight. - Great site with loads of news, features and links for all major Belgian artists and much more besides. [Dutch language only] - Enormous fansite for Brussels rock band Venus. You can't possibly want anything more than is featured here, because everything is featured here! - Official Zita Swoon site. Very flash. - Unofficial Zita Swoon site. Now alive again and even more ultracool. - Marie Man's unofficial Zita Swoon news site. Info, live reviews from the dEUS mailing list, huge archives and resources, etc. - 100% non-profit fan cover CD project. Sign up or be square, have some fun making a racket that'll scare your neighbour's cat. - Zita Swoon are playing the Haldern Festival in Germany in August 2002, alongside Millionaire, The Notwist and Sigur Ros - what a bloody fantastic line-up!!! Visit the site for more info... - Ben's 100% unofficial Dark Star site, alive even though the band aren't. - Kettle's Dark Star page with interview and live photos. - Grave Maurice's live trade page. You want trade, he's got trade. - all about Bob White's Milk and Honey Band. - Laura's Levitation site. No longer updated, but still the proverbial wasp's nipples. - Official Cardiacs site. - unofficial Cardiacs site, with totally bonkers Cardiacs MIDI files! - Organ Records and Zine site, a lot more than just Cardiacs. Go on, subscribe - you know it makes sense. - The Official Swans site. You can want for nothing more. Seriously, seriously good. - The Official Jarboe site. Beautifully designed, a living work of art by the original living work of art herself. - Pixies Web. - I Could Stay Here Forever. Well, no, 'cos I have a job and I'd get fired. But still... - ...And On The 8th Day God Created Frank Black, after He'd had a bit of a lie-down from a hard week's creation. - Official TWR site. One of the most criminally overlooked bands of all time. Fact. - Official website, but run by a BIG fan. - Unofficial Bob Pollard fan site. - GbV's label. - Those friendly folks at Luna will help you spend all your money on GbV ephemera. - The old official band pages. - KUKL lyrics. - Another KUKL page. - Official Beck site. Genius. - Official R.E.M. site. Genii. Official Dr John site. New Orleans voodoo blues never sounded so good. Check this site out as well: - Forever Burning, the unofficial/official Miranda Sex Garden site, now being updated again - go here also for links and information on Katharine Blake, Mediaeval Baebes etc - official Sigur Rós site. High on eye candy, low on content - semi-official UK Sigur Rós site, miles better than the official one - French-language Sigur Rós site - links page to some fantastic bands - The art of comedic hip-hop. Just check these guys out. - Go do some trades with the lovely Kevin - The Wonder, a site devoted to Television. Tom Verlaine made Mandi a New Wave/New York punk freak back in 1985. It's all his fault. There's another great site here as well. - Official website of Can. We love Can. We love Krautrock. RIP Michael Karoli. - All about the wonderful Neu!, with a big history, and lots of samples to download... hell, just go and buy the remastered albums. You won't regret it :)= - and while we're still on the subject, here's some Kraftwerk for you. Largely responsible for making Mandi shout 'Autobaaaahhhhn!' every time she travels on a German motorway. - The biggest and best David Sylvian website there is. Sadly, Paul Rymer's Japan Assemblage site is being reconstructed for the moment, but check out... - Japan fanpage, for audio snippets and what have you. Unsung heroes. - La Elissa's brother Dude's record label website. Check out some fresh young musical talent here... - and also here, from Australia/Tasmania... - Fantastic-looking Siouxsie & The Banshees site... - ... and another here. - You like The Cure? We like The Cure and we're not ashamed to say so, neither. ... so do these guys too...
... and these... - Jesus and Mary Chain site. Hey, if it's good enough for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, it's good enough for us. Mandi has a particularly cute anecdote about her getting squished at the Darklands show in Bristol, 1987... - Birmingham-based band with influences including Guided By Voices and Smashing Pumpkins - so what's not to like?! Go check 'em out... - Undirtonár, Iceland's best music mag. In Icelandic, though, which is a bit of a drawback for us language morons who can't even say hello in anything but English. - shop till you drop. The finest range of t-shirts and accessories for grrrl-rock-death kids on the planet, and overseas shipping from LA that doesn't cost a fortune.
- Mandi loves Vince Ray's art, and is proud to sport a Serial Bitch t-shirt on an almost-daily basis. - ... and if you like Vince Ray, you'll like this too - Beautifully designed Zebraqueen site, for all you UK-based Zebraboys and Zebragirls, with loads of information and events - Torture Garden fetish club - Skin Two fetishwear - Check out their great T-shirts - more great fetish T-shirts - more great T-shirts - great fetishwear - A fab Bettie Page page - Into You tattooing and piercing - Voodoo Rising. Beautiful adornments, however a word of caution: delivery can be a little slow. - Cold Steel body jewellery. Best tribal range ever. - If you like the stuff at Voodoo Rising, you'll like this. A lot. - These guys are brilliant. Great range and super-fast delivery. - Pathway To Darkness - Everything you could possibly need, catering to Lifestylers, RPGers and True Living Vampyres, soon to be under the Sanguinarius banner. - Hirudo's UK vampire community site. Far and away the best. - UK-based vampire magazine, informative and entertaining. - European Night, Gwennifer's real vampire community site, based in Germany. History, tips, contact details, even a travel guide! - The London Vampyre Group, which has meetings every second Thursday in the month. Details on the site of where and how to get there. Not strictly speaking for real vampires only, just for anyone with an interest in vampire stuff in general. - More meetings and events in London. PS - handy tip - click the little arrow on the base of the right column to get in from the index page and to navigate the site. - Dusky Roads vampire site, led by the lovely Miss Mercedees. - SonjaBlue's pages dedicated to all things Otherkin, including vampires, were, fae, and much more besides. Now includes a new BBS. - More on a bloodsports/BDSM tip, but still some useful advice for all you sang vamps. - Mainly intended for psi-vamps, but with sang links and a message board also, and a page about astral projection, which is not strictly speaking a "psi-vamp ability" as claimed here. However, worth a look. - A site for psi-vamps only, although I am dubious about many of the questionable claims put forth here... I never trust a vamp who can't spell Shielding properly, either. Some good info regarding elemental and crowd-feeding though. - Another psi-vamp site, again with some claims about abilities I wouldn't really endorse, but nevertheless, a good message board and now a chat room as well. - No goth, no fake, all-real post-modern vampire site. Very good. - Mainly sang-oriented vamp pages, with some extra info on incubi/succubi. An excellent site with some scary stuff about hunters as well - watch your backs, chaps. - Kissandra Gaia'Rois's Crypt, possibly the first ever mortal vampire site I found on the Internet. - SphynxCat's Real Vampire Support site. Very informative and down-to-earth advice. - Living Vampires - Myth, Mystery and Reality. Archive and rare articles a speciality. - Everyone knows this one. Under some reconstruction right now but still a lot to see. - Ever suspected you might be a werebeast? Here's your chance to find out. - A gigantic list of vampire links for your perusal. - *Excellent* US purveyors of fine customisable vampire fangs, and quick delivery too! - Vampire cosmetics, really fine stuff - Mandi owns a delicious red eyeliner! Not too bad on the shipping costs and very quick delivery. - Online vampire shopping with Father Todd of the Sanguinarium, including jewellery and custom fangs (US only, by appointment). Check their gorgeous Key pendants. - UK-based vampire apparel store. - More vampire clothes. - You want special FX contact lenses, great-looking custom fangs, or a nice comfy coffin to sleep in? Visit Robbie and Tracey. Mandi does like the full black lenses a lot, though she'd never be able to wear 'em <sob!> - Brighton-based dark art for sale. Lovely objects, fantastic range, including gothic raggy dolls, beany bats (oh how cuuuute!), and much much more to decorate your cosy charnel house with. - All things Dracula, in English or German. - US vampire clothes and accessories - Underground Shoes, based in London.Old-skool punk and Goth shoes, etc. - Yesssss!!! Online at last! Mandi *always* makes a visit to StarChild whenever she hits Glastonbury with a pocket full o'cash. The best hand-blended incenses and oils ever. Get yourself a catalogue here, as online shopping will be coming soon to this site. - The Lucky Mojo Curio Company, for anybody with a taste for strange voodoo, hoodoo and religious oddities... absolutely totally top-notch. - Punk clothes, especially good for bondage trousers. - Got myself a dying talking sleeping walking livingdeaddoll. Well actually, 12 of them. - Lush cosmetics. Warn your bank manager. - Everything Kitsch, excellent Hello Kitty accessories - Belgian online record store, perhaps the only online option now, very choice and very reliable... - If they don't have a record, it's either way too obscure, or shit. - Fantastic online video and DVD store for when Amazon lets you down one too many times. Cheap, too. - remember those rosaries made out of real roses that we told you about before? Well, they're back, and every bit as beautiful as ever they were :-) buy your Gothique Goddess (or yourself!) a tiny black rose in a glass bottle on a Victorian-style necklet and make her day ... :-) and don't forget to check out these equally delicious sister-sites: and awesome. - Nice range of jewellery, particularly Nordic and Egyptian, all things New Age-y and based in Scotland, for all you poor UK chaps who can only usually get this stuff from the US with enormous shipping costs. - Another great site with a lovely page of nothing but Isis figures and necklaces, among many other delights. - A good Vodou botanica here (as well as herbal supplies for other metaphysical uses), more products coming soon - the site is being rebuilt due to server "issues". - This is a fantastic folk-art online shop for those of you like Mandi who find the Day of the Dead art fascinating and beautiful and a teeny bit scary. (She owns a fab authentic Mexican pottery skull necklace!) - ... and where else are you going to find a verryy cool Skeletubbies t-shirt? - ... not to mention special FX props of, erm, "a bag o' bloody parts". Some people are very odd and would apparently like to display items such as a cut-off arm in their home. Not Mr & Mrs Collingridge, though, it'd give us nightmares ;) - Yikes, you can buy anything on the Net nowadays. 100% legal and legit company with a guarantee that no animals were killed or harmed purely to obtain their skull. Anyway, should you wish to purchase a pair of real snake fang earrings or somesuch thing, visit 'em. - and if you're a bit sqeamish like us, get fake skulls which look just as good here. - ... while we're clearly following a theme, Corpses for Sale offer a range of pretty funny zombies which you could put in your front garden and scare your neighbours witless. ;D and they take major credit cards!!! - everything you need to know about Mehndi henna, including online sales, history, pictures and some cool online shopping opportunities. - This is the best site I've found so far for Junko - you can even send Junko e-cards! The artwork is rrreally gorgeous, and there's shopping opportunities including t-shirts and posters! - Pulp homepage for Junko. Check her amazingly cool art gallery, but make sure you're 18+ years of age or the morality police'll nick ya. - more Junko shopping, t-shirts and posters from Japan (international shipping accepted). Prices in Yen. You check out this page and I personally guarantee that you will soon be shelling out hard cash ;D - oh God, this page has Junko toys!!! I'm warning my bank manager to go on Code Red. There's a list of retail stockists here. - and EVEN MORE cooooool toys here. Darn my lack of Japanese! If you can work out how to get one, please, I beg you, let me know... - are selling Cinderalla (at the above URL for £9.11 GBP) and they stock Hell Babies (for £24.00 GBP and a 4-6 week wait with the possibility of not getting one, though)... well, the last time I checked, anyway... - If you are US-based, you can pick up a copy of Hell Babies here for $38.00, though I'm not entirely certain what language the book is in... - and there are shirts, books, posters, temporary tattoos and lighters here, though only any use if you (a) live in Japan, (b) have a good friend who lives in Japan who you can blackmail to send you stuff, or (c) speak Japanese. Still, the pictures are great :D - Another Junko-devoted site (Japanese only) - Fantastic site from those wild DokiDoki folk (Japanese only) - Mizuno Junko Union (Japanese only) - Online manga magazine featuring a nice Mizuno flash animation. Fwiw, if you count 13 links down from the main drop-down menu, you'll find it. I wish you luck in attemping to navigate it. Remember, click backwards to go forwards. :)= (Japanese only) - well, you'd expect us to blow our own trumpets just a little, wouldn't you? ;-) our very own dedicated Asian extreme/gore/splatter/horror movie site lurks here, in the dark corners of Sanctuary. - ...and a little gallery of Uzumaki art by the genius Junji Ito here. .. - Manga magazine, very hot on the New Wave of Japanese cinema. - Fine's Pearl Hsiung page, featuring Rock'n'Roll High School and some great paintings, e-cards etc. - Join maximum_millennium's Japanese Horror Yahoogroup and chat about it to your heart's content. - More luscious import Japanese DVD's and VCD's here - Great site all about Japanese culture - Get your luvverly Japanese food, tea, gifts and cards online with the ever-helpful and delightful Yoko. Great prices, excellent quality and extremely quick delivery within the UK. - A fab site all about geisha culture through the ages, including some tasty makeup tips, beautiful photographs, collected ko-uta (geisha songs) and much more. - Now this is more than a little bit special. Mandi is SO going to save up $90 for an authentic Japanese schoolgirl uniform, and you can guarantee she'll be wearing it down the supermarket the day it arrives, to much consternation and no doubt laughter as well, since she hasn't been a schoolgirl for 12 years. - Fancy a cheap-ish kimono? Have a look here. - More kimonos, obi, textiles etc for sale right here, and a mailing list too - Lots of info about kimono, obi, haori, yukata, happi coats etc. - All about ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. - Now there's no excuse for not owning the whole back catalogue by Morning Musume, except perhaps on grounds of taste ;) - ...and if you do wig out and buy Momusu's back catalogue, here's your chance to sing along in the shower with a set of lyrics, typical example: "Odorou yo DAARIN Dancing bashing love". I don't know what dancing bashing love is, but it sounds painful. - And even more Momusu info in English. - Find out what your average teeny otaku is grooving to in the playground. Includes an appearance by something called "Fish Paradise", a cunning plan by the National Fisheries industry to get kids to chow down on cod. Seriously. ;D This is actually a pretty cool site, although kid-oriented. - English - Japanese online dictionary, a fantastic resource - find out how to write stuff in Kanji and impress all your friends who might be impressed by that kind of thing. - Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts. - If you live in the UK, you can now find a local Japanese restaurant with the help of this guide. - Want to know how to make karei shioyaki? Here's a great recipe site. - Another fab recipe site for all you chefs out there. - Can't understand a word of it but the pictures are hilarious. - ...and no Japanese section would be complete without a visit to Sanrio. Say hello to Hello Kiti-chan for Elissa when you visit. - Anime Turnpike - great links for anime and manga. - Aaaanime site. - does exactly what it says on the tin. - Naruliyth's fantastic original art pages featuring some really unusual, bizarre and beautiful, mediaeval, almost-religious, magical, gothique dolls, paintings, and music. You need to see this! - this artist's site is not for the faint-hearted. Very disturbing, bizarre and twisted. That's a recommendation, too! (my friend Kelsey described his paintings as being 'David Lynch-like'...) - Hermitage, a very nice original art site by a Japanese "outsider-art primitive" artist. - the site byline reads "Art For The Criminally Insane". We think we fit right in. - A little sinister art never hurt anyone. - Fontastic!, our favourite shareware font site. La Kikita (no relation to La Elissa) makes the best fonts you've ever seen. - You know those hearts on the DAAU pages? They came from here. Also try the label maker (featured on this page) and license plate maker. But remember - whatever you make will be featured on their site, so absitively no rude words, please ;-) - the Official H R Giger site. - Our friend Erik Roggeveen's brilliant art site. - Check this guy's fab digiart out. We may all aspire to be this good. - The Dark Surreal Fantastic Art of Demetrios Vakras. - Alex had his pet Shoyru adopted. Don't you be so mean. If you look MandiApple up, you'll find her. She's the one with too many Korbats to look after properly. - Nathalie Claeys's world of the weird and wonderful. - Ooooer, fancy a spot of Interactive Voodoo? Send a friend a spell. But not me, please! Shop for voodoo dolls, gris-gris bags, literature and a whole lot more. - New Orleans Cemetery & Voodoo pages. - Haitian Vodoun culture pages in English or French. Intriguing and highly informative. - The Sacred Art of Haitian Vodou exhibition at the Fowler Museum. Beautiful ritual paintings, flags, drums, bottles, and of course, dolls. - There's an awful lot of Voodoo links here, aren't there? Well there are even more here at The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple, plus an FAQ section. - Icelandic witchcraft. Wish there were more sites about this wonderful pagan tradition. - do you like horror films? I do. - still a classic. I love the weird way the Japanese put English together, it's so awesomely bizarre. My current favourites are a cool teenage girl sporting a t-shirt which reads, I kid you not, 'Miss Urine Tester', and, quote, "...a child's notebook that reads 'Happy Bun Bun - The neighbor's dog come in and messed the garden'". You can't buy entertainment like that. - Hilarious. Read all about 'Mucus - Nature's Secret Killer', 'My Finger and Toe Nail Collection', peruse 'Pictures of Bill's Colon' and wet yourself laughing at the fantastic webmaster efforts of 'Victor Beckles, Web Page Designer Extraordinaire'. - Site dedicated to the UK's neolithic past.
- Our (nearly) next-door neighbour Julian Cope's site. - or: how odd Americans can be. Especially our e-friends. - Ana Luisa Morales's homepage. She runs Pivotal Film, a movie discussion Yahoogroup for fans of Guided By Voices.

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