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On one side, Simon Lenski and Wim Dox. On the other side, Adrian Lenski and Han Stubbe. (Mandi and Elise both played for about 37 seconds each on Wim's team, until Wim fired them both for being rubbish at ping-pong. He really was losing too badly after to ever quite catch up the distance again, and no-one quite anticipated the champion table-tennis skills of one Mr Han Stubbe, as demonstrated in the action shot below... of course, he won every single game, but sadly we had no trophy to give the Man of the Match other than an empty champagne bottle...

Buni is thoroughly unimpressed with ping-pong in general, it seems

Han's 199th victory volley of the evening. A round of applause for that sportsman, please!

Buni and his girlfriend Laura, avoiding the ping-pong antics continuing next door...

Awwwwww, young love, accompanied by a lone escapee from the table-tennis tournament, already dismissed in disgrace from Wim's team for not knowing which way up to hold the bat.

Laura begins the salsa tournament, which begins in earnest to rival the ongoing ping-pong, and wins hands-down every time.

Mandi eventually persuades Adrian to leave the table and  let Han beat everyone else for a moment, while he offers sympathy and gives some much-needed table-tennis lessons, including instructions on holding the bat the right way up.