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Photo used by kind permission of Wim Dox, a true engeltje if ever there was one :-X We love you forever Wiiiiim!

Adrian Lenski plays 'Fur Elise' by Beethoven for Elise's birthday gift. Awwwww ;)

Adrian's reaction on Mandi Apple asking him if they can play a duet together on Wim's piano....

... But after much persuasion and a lot of whiskey, he relents. "Now just hit the black ones, OK? They don't sound so bad when you hit 'em together like that..." Mandi: "J'ai peur! J'ai peur! HELP!" ;)))

Note unimpressed audience of Johan, Simon Lenski and Wim Dox in background. Mandi follows orders at last after some "freeform jazz experimentation" (racket) and sticks to black keys. Poor Adrian is visibly suffering.

A dream is fulfilled, an ambition achieved, a confidence completely destroyed. "Awwwww, you didn't play *so* bad... you can stop crying now..."