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Adrian Lenski and Wim Dox, deep in conversation about the finer points of orchestral compositional technique.

La Elissa and Mandi Apple, deep in alcohol poisoning. This is the first time you'll see this hat appear, and it CERTAINLY won't be the last.

See what we mean? This is the coolest hat in the universe. Everyone who's ANYONE gets to wear it.

Adrian's turn to wear the hat. Wim looks distinctly worried at all these hat antics. It's HIS hat, after all! ;)

Simon's turn for the hat. "Let's play Musical Hats! As long as Mandi doesn't play the music, that is." A cuddly moment.

But even Simon is, by now, sick of that hat.

Wim Dox, proprietor of the world-famous Big Chicken Killer Bird Hotel, hard at work in the kitchens to make our staple diet, pannekoeken with white chocolate, pannekoeken with dark chocolate, pannekoeken with apples, with bananas, with strawberries, with peanut butter, pancake with a whole extra pancake on top.... He cooks the pancakes...

... and we eats the pancakes!!! ;) He is the only person in the world who knows his top-secret recipe for pannekoeken, handed down amongst generations of Doxes.