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Johan threatens Mandi and Adrian with extreme ultra-violence after the duet is finished, and extracts a very insincere promise from both that the experience will never be repeated, for the good of society.

"You dancin'?" - "You askin'?" - "I'm askin'!" - "I'm suddenly ever so tired." Simon Lenski can't be persuaded.

Time for a cigarette break, as the vodka flows and so apparently does the ceiling. The plant to Simon's right would also like a Camel, please.

Those warm, cuddly moments of deep drunkenness

Those warm, sleepy moments of deep drunkenness. Everyone on the picture above is asleep.

Elise gives a stirring rendition of 'Wannabe' by Spice Girls. Everyone is quickly awake. No Spice Girls allowed in THIS hotel! 

Wim and Elise cut a rug, dancing the tango instead.