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Han Stubbe in the studio. He was hard at work all night while we were getting very drunk. So he looks bright-eyed and raring to work even more, while we all nurse epic hangovers...

... and he's trying not to laugh at people in distress, bless him. But not trying very hard. ;)))

Phil Evans, clearing up stoically with a lovely smile after the chaotic night Belgium beat Sweden in Euro 2000. Ping-pong, champagne, and partying  followed the heroic victory, unholy evidence on next page..

"WHAT'S THIS? S CLUB 7?!!!???!!!"

Look who we found in the back room!!! Small world, innit. Tomas de Smet (Zita Swoon), checking out our website. Or NOT! He very graciously allowed us to take a photo of him. What a lovely chap :)

"All right, what idiot unplugged the computer to put their hairdryer in the socket?" Wim screams. Mandi runs away, very very fast.

Mutual sympathy between two very hungover people does not however ease Elise's feelings of psychotic pain.

She decides to kill everyone in the house instead. Adrian and Simon are already in the freezer in the kitchen, Mandi is buried in the back garden under the patio, and she hasn't yet found a spot for Wim and Johan. Maybe inside the piano! ;)))