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L-R: Laura, Buni Lenski, Simon Lenski (front), Adrian Lenski (back), Han Stubbe, La Elissa (facing Han), Mandi Apple (attempting to eat champagne bottle). Wow, the studio wasn't there the next day, wonder what happened to it?

Han Stubbe and La Elissa, upon receiving news that there'll be more football on Monday night! Joepie! Elise is not best pleased, and remembers to bring more vodka with her.

Mandi doesn't care about the football, she's just spotted breakfast. Yummy! Sadly, Buni Lenski is having none of it. He has a crucifix in his back pocket.

Mandi: "Am I in the right place for the Vampires Convention?" It would appear so. Buni is about to bite the camera-grrrrl. Run away, Lissy!!! Run away!!!

Simon and Mandi both fell off the couch after the top picture was taken, spilling champagne over both of themselves. ROCK 'N' ROLL!!!! Champagne showers!!!

Adrian doesn't care about anything. He's having a good night! He has everything he needs! A Belgian football victory, some smokes, an upcoming table-tennis tournament and rivers of champagne. What more could a boy ask for?