KISS MY JAZZ - History

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Some words of wisdom from La Elissa:

Back to Concert Hall....

Kiss my Jazz is the greatest band that I know, in terms of members:

Please click here to see La Elissa's beautiful Kiss My Jazz live pix from one of their last shows <boo hoo!>

-Viking Dave Robertson

-Elko Blijweert

-Rudy Trouve

-Stef Kamil Carlens

-Jacki Billet

-Dirk De Hooge

-Aarich Jespers

-Heyme Langbroek

The most gorgeous free websets on the Net are at Moyra's place...

-Piet Jorens

-Mark Meyers

-Mathias Broeckaert

-Mauro Pawlowski

-Bernardo Fernandez

-Thomas De Smet

-Craig Ward

-Buni Lenski

-Simon Lenski

-Dirk Bulkens


-Josephien Terburg

-and not on the CDs & vinyls: Sigrid van Rosendaal

I hope  I didn't forget anyone (if I did, please contact me!)...

So, as the name suggests, Kiss my Jazz is first a jazz band, but not only: they also play rock music, and other strange things. I especially like the music they made (unfortunately, as you should certainly know, they broke up at the end of last January...), 'cos it's at the same time logical and unpredictable; besides, as there are so many members, all very productive musically (very many of them are also in other bands: Rudy (and his other 15 bands (!)), Zita Swoon, Lionell Horrowitz, Evil Superstars/Mitsoobishi Jacson, DAAU, and many others...), and all different, their music is really eclectic...

For more information about this great band (one of my favourite Belgian bands with DAAU and Lionell Horrowitz), I think you should go to the Belpop pages, 'cos Dirk Houbrechts is pretty much the KMJ expert - his pages are available both in English and in Dutch, and they're really great and interesting -  the link is - it really is a great site for info on all Belgian artists...

Mandi Apple's extra comments:

So. Kiss My Jazz are dead. Long live Kiss My Jazz. They played their very last gig just a couple of weeks ago in Holland, with Buni Lenski as special guest on violin. It's such a shame to see this excellent band finish for no apparent good reason - according to our eyewitness (Bastiaan Verhage), even Buni was a little confused about the breakup, and asked for the reason onstage as to why they should want to split up, to which Rudy's somewhat laconic reply was, 'Bands older than 10 years old are bad'. But in my opinion, excellent bands that are still putting out wonderful, strong material after 10 years of excellence could never be bad- Christ, there are enough Backstreet Boys and Steps around to prove my point. Still, I wouldn't put it past them to stage a comeback reunion next year - that would be the kind of mad thing these crazy kids would do ;) Go check Kiss My Jazz out if you haven't already - so many different, differing, wonderful, unique musicians coming together to produce some of the most unusual, occasionally humorous, occasionally painful, always clever, warped music ever made.

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