The Complete A-Z of Mandi Apple

A-Age: 30 and a half.

B-Best Friends: Alex, Michael, Elise; the Girls Named Captain, the most badass cool girl-gang this side of Russ Meyer.

C-Choice of Meat/Fish/Protein: Cheese. Does cheese count?

D-Dream Date: Had it, in the wilds of Iceland with Alex.

E-Exciting Adventure: Not had it, would love to go to Japan. Mind you,
nearly falling in a geysir was quite exciting, as was trying to get out of
the Blue Lagoon in sub-zero temperatures in a wet swimsuit feeling my hair
freeze solid on my head.

F-Favorite Food: Vegetarian sushi, teriyaki tofu, shiitake mushrooms, mung
bean noodles and vegetable tempura - one of Alex's feasts!

G-Greatest Accomplishment: Getting my Reiki 2 degree. Getting my Philosophy degree. Getting a job with both of those on my CV!

H-Happiest Day of Your Life: Alex and I's wedding.

I-Interests: Music, graphics and art (looking and doing), site-building, writing,
parapsychology, horror films, manga (especially Junko Mizuno's wild art), anime, Reiki, tattoos/piercings,Neolithic monuments, sculpture (looking and doing too), house plants, collecting strange dolls, meditation, anatomy, wildlife, shopping :)

J-Joke: An old one, but I still like it...
Q: What's the difference between a duck?
A: One of its legs is both the same.

It's very Zen.

K-Kool-Aid: Cherry

L-Love: Love is good. Uncle Bob Pollard said so. Alex, my folks, my friends, and bunny rabbits.

M-Most Valued: Alex and my folks, my Romany heritage, the beautiful 1920's
ruby and emerald ring my nan left me in her will which I've loved since I
was a little bunny and which brings back lovely memories.

N-Name: Amanda Kristjen Collingridge nee Tweedy aka Mandi Apple.
Try saying that after a few beers.

O-Outfit You Love: My new Junko Mizuno Kinoko-girl shirt, comfy combats and my Yosuke enormous soled black/cyan trainers, or my purple hi-top Converse which I've had since I was 15 and are only just collapsing now.

P-Pizza Toppings: 4 cheeses, garlic, corn, onions, peppers, mushies and artichoke.

Q-Question Asked To You the Most: "Why do you dress like that?"

R-Radio Station: XFM, if we go somewhere other than Wiltshire - we live in a true radio blackspot where all you can get is farmers' channels and the World Service, if you hold a fork up on the roof at the right time of day. Jonathan Ross's Saturday show on Radio 2 is great, when we can get it.

S-Sport: Gymnastics, showjumping, ice-skating, field hockey (all when I was young). I still like to watch gymnastics on telly. Does playing Vib-Ribbon on the Playstation 2 count as a sport? If not, it really should :)

T-Television Show: Saiko-Exciting, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Powerpuff Girls, Kerrang!TV, MTV2

U-Ur Favorite Bands: Guided By Voices, Zita Swoon, DAAU, dEUS, Sigur Ros, Ghost, Swans, Frank Black/Pixies, Thin White Rope, Acid Mothers Temple, Radiohead, Millionaire, System of a Down, Rammstein

V-Video: I prefer DVD. At the moment, it's either Ring by Nakata Hideo, Kairo/Pulse or Uzumaki.

W-Winter Activity: Hibernating in a cardboard box stuffed with straw.

X-Xtra Tidbit Abt You: I have a missing rib. Fact!

Y-(favourite)Year: 2000. Lots of odd things happened in 2000. Spent most of it drunk with Elise, and then I got married. Good things, bad things, weird things and mundane things, much like any other span of 365 days.

Z-Zodiac Sign: Uranian-Aquarius, or Water Rat if you like the Chinese version.

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