Mandi with Jigglypuff backpack on show

Rhine boat trip to the Lorelei rock, 2002

Extreeeeeme close up!

Mandi and Vanessa taking in Guided By Voices, Reading Festival 2001, sharing a rousing singalong to 'A Salty Salute'.

Alex and Mandi, looking very kick-it-rock-death ( Ridgely) in 2001.

The famous Man Ray violin tattoo, courtesy of
Punko formerly of Evil From The Needle,
now at New School Tattoo, London, UK

Contemplating life, the universe and everything and coming up with the answer 42 - doesn't everyone?

L-R: Laura, Karen, Liz, Rachel, Michael and Mandi. A quiet night in with friends.

Christmas, 1999, about to unwrap lots of lovely gifts

Mandi with her painting of SKC in background, 1999

Don't try this at home, kids. Smoking stunts your growth
and gives you hairy palms and a nervous tic, not to mention bat's-breath.

Nice top! About 1999-ish.

Infamous pink PVC party dress.

Reading Festival, 2001. This hat should be illegal.

Mandi looking mightily mean 'n' moody on one of her dad's self-restored Gilera bikes, 2000

L-R: Big bonfire, Mandi, Alex, sister Caren and brother-in-law Paul.
All enjoying the freezing cold, stinky smoke, burned baked potatoes and sparklers, 2001.

Age 6. Learning that simply shouting "Vrrrroooom!!!"
does not make it go.

Out on the tiles with Marie Man, 1999.
Polaroid sticky-pic by Marie.

My mom's excellent portraits for posterity on the family home bathroom wall.
Note the inclusion of Bun, the head of the family.

The Snow Faerie from Neopets. Mandi's personal Patron Saint of Style.