Thanks to Elise, we now have lots more recent photos... These are of the gig in Nancy, France, in March 2001.


Stef waiting for the Nancy gig to start. That's one of his new paintings next to him. Hold it up for the camera, Stef! Oh, don't then.

Stef in Nancy too. No sign of the painting.

Tomas de Smet and someone else polishing off the rider.

Aarich Jespers and Tom Pintens wave hello to their chums.

Live in Nancy.

This is still Nancy.

So is this.

Stef in Nancy. Mandi likes this apparently home-made outfit but Alex wouldn't wear it.

That outfit in yet more glorious detail.

Outfit and guitar. Nice new hairdo, Stef!

Outfit and setlist.

Outfit and Zitaboot and Zitapedals. I think a nice new line in merchandising is on its way...

What on earth is Tom Pintens playing. Be warned, for it shall appear again in Paris...