We take pride in the fact that you will not find the majority of the images on this site anywhere else on the web. Either they are personal photographs, or scans of hard-to-find material. In any case, whether a photo or not, our team (Elise Marchetti, Mandi Apple Collingridge, Alex Apple and Michael McCarthy) has worked hard to assemble them over the last four or five years, sometimes longer. The Sanctuary Team has subjected itself to financial hardship, uncomfortable and insanitary conditions and outright personal embarrassment and shame to obtain the material featured on this site.

We're reasonable people. We have no problem with you saving these images to your harddrive, printing them off, emailing them or showing them to your friends. That's why we haven't put in any javascript to stop you right clicking on an image and saving it.

Where we draw the line, however, is where people steal our images without permission and put them on their own websites or publications. Not only is this a serious breach of netiquette, it's downright wrong. If you need to steal another person's content to put on your own site, you shouldn't have a site of your own at all.

At the very least, if you want to use an image of ours on your site, it's polite to email us and ask permission. Invariably we will come to a compromise and more likely than not provide you with an exclusive image that has not appeared on this site, for the price of a link back to this site, and a credit. That way, you get your own unique content, we keep our unique content, and everybody's happy. The thing is, we're sick and tired of surfing the web and seeing the same images time and time again. The same applies for any text - you must ask first before putting it up on another site or publishing it elsewhere.

What we cannot accept is people just using our material for their own purposes, without asking, or going ahead and putting material up, and asking later, as if asking permission was an irritating afterthought. We have had websites taken down for these reasons before, and, if necessary, we'll do it again. We hope you can understand why.

The Sanctuary Team.