Here you can download a few live dEUS, Zita Swoon and DAAU mp3 tracks. All files are not from commercially released CDs, but from fan bootlegs or freely available web streams. It's time to stop talking, start listening... all under our ethos of not-for-profit! All files are mono (which most were recorded in anyway, especially the London tracks) to keep file size down - encoded at the equivalent of 128kbps. To save the tracks, right click the links and select something like "Save Target As...", or similar (dependent on your browser).


Bananaqueen (live @ London 28.02.02) 4:09, 1.90mb
My Bond With You and Your Planet: DISCO! (live @ London 28.02.02) 9:46, 4.47mb
Josiewitchgirl (live @ London 28.02.02) 5:54, 2.70mb
People Are Like Slamming Doors (live @ London 28.02.02) 6:18, 2.89mb
At The Barbers (live @ Gent 24.03.99) 5:21, 2.45mb
Where's My Love? (live @ Gent 24.03.99) 1:38, 772kb


A Sin So Nasty (live @ Montreux Jazz Festival 2000) 7:59, 3.65mb
No Rule (live @ WFMU, session 199?) 4:30, 2.06mb
Drieslagstelsel IIe (live @ Pukkelpop 1999) 9:15, 4.23mb


SUdS & SOdA (live @ London 16.02.95) 6:26, 2.94mb
Supermarketsong (live @ London 16.02.95) 2:53, 1.32mb
Nothing Really Ends (Tom Barman solo with Guy van Nueten, live @ London 13.02.02) 4:58, 2.27mb
Roses (Tom Barman solo with Stef Kamil Carlens, live @ London 13.02.02) 4:04, 1.86mb
Instant Street (Tom Barman solo, live @ London 13.02.02) 4:11, 1.92mb