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Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump
Beautiful, melancholic, timeless songs about the destruction of nature and broken-down humanoid robots. Will have you snivelling into your cornflakes.
Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun
Iceland's finest post-rock band pull a total masterpiece out of the bag. Soaring strings, incandescent bowed guitar, heartbreaking falsetto and majestic songs. Essential.
Frank Black and the Catholics - Dog In The Sand
Not his greatest post-Pixies album, but still lovely - a fair bit more radio-friendly, a little more alt-country, more muted vocals - not a patch on 'Pistolero', but great nonetheless.
DAAU - Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung
Still one of my all-time favourite albums. All-acoustic, all-classical-rock-jazz-klezmer-fusion lunacy and crazed beauty from those four lovable Belgian chaps.
Thin White Rope - In The Spanish Cave
Another all-time favourite band of mine, this album, whilst being released back in about 1986-ish, has not dated a second. Twin-guitar distortion attacks, voodoo-stomping drums, and Guy Kyser's tortured howlings in some of the nastiest songs you'll ever hear.

dEUS - In A Bar Under The Sea
The second album from the creators of the Belgian music scene as it is today. 'Worst Case Scenario' was wonderful; for my money, this is even greater. The diversity of the songs through rock, pop, jazz, noise etc. make it almost impossible to sum up in three sentences. Buy it.

Guided By Voices - Isolation Drills
Ahem. What to say about this one. It ain't no Bee Thousand. But then it ain't no Nightwalker either. The jury is still out. But has some lovely moments, eg 'Sister I Need Wine', 'Twilight Campfighter', 'Chasing Heather Crazy'.
Guided By Voices - Suitcase
As many good songs as bad songs. So about 50 on each side, roughly speaking. But what makes this worth forking over £50 approx. are the GOOD SONGS, which are unliveable without. Just don't spend too long with the duff stuff.
Dead Man Ray - Berchem
Debut album by DMR. Fantastically catchy poppy rocky songs with a kind of 80's synth-pop-gimmick to them - authentic gadgets used liberally all over the album. Guitar legend Rudy Trouvé and singer Daan Stuyven make an unbeatable team on this one.
Ring - director Hideo Nakatani, 1998
(by the way, this is a film - so, it's our site, we make the rules, hey? hahaha :D) This is a Japanese horror film just available on DVD and VHS in the UK. I am a hardened horror film freak of many long years, but this film scared the living poop out of me. A twisted tale of a cursed video tape which kills people a week after they watch it. Creepy in the extreme.