Here are some gorgeous (although slightly old) pix of Mandi Apple's beloved husband Alex Collingridge, daredevil, international man of mystery and best friend to Mavis Trickle, ace zine writer and all-round cool cat. HOWEVER please note that while you may look, you may not touch, unless you fancy Mandi coming round and breaking all your fingers. (Alex's note: I just fancy Mandi.) Ahem. Anyway, enjoy! And please don't forget to click on the Mavis's Dream banner at the bottom of the page to visit the online zine which, if I may say so, is a meisterwerk of hipness. Happy Viewing!


A grinning gorgeous galomph
In France, about 1998
Look at my T-shirt Mandi!!!
Ah'm gonna gitch choo
Austria 1993
About 91, when A had long hair...
and a year later, when it was really long
I'm scared, Mummy...
ugggg.... sulky teenager
hattrick of designer knitwear
a little less sulky?
wah wah wah wah!
Alex: "I wish I could have mown him down just then..."
"Look!" "Where?"
"Daddy, what's that box for?"

ga ga ga ga ga


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