Fair usage policy

Please read this carefully.

All material on this site is copyrighted. All text (ie words!) and webdesign (ie navigation images and page titles) belong to us and must not be copied, mirrored or reproduced in any way. All screen captures, characters and situations belong to the owners of the rights to the individual movies. (And, if you are a copyright holder and don't want the free publicity this site gives you, mail us and we'll negotiate terms.)

We're reasonable people. We have no problem with you saving the movie images on this site to your harddrive, printing them off, emailing them or showing them to your friends. That's why we haven't put in any javascript to stop you right clicking on an image and saving it.

But, if you directly link to the images (eg <img src="www.mandiapple.com/snowblood/images/directory/name.jpg"> ) on a weblog (like LiveJournal.com, blogspot.com, blogger.com, etc) or on a forum (like... well... there's thousands) either as a post, an avatar or a signature, or on your own site, you're stealing our bandwidth from our site. Bandwidth means how much stuff we can send out electronically. We only have a small(ish) set amount every month, without paying extra, and you really don't want to know what this site has cost us already (it's in the thousands of dollars). You don't contribute to this site, so you have no right to use our bandwidth for your purposes. A straight link is fine: anything else is not. We WILL find you through our site logs, so why bother? It's boring (and a huge waste of valuable reviewing time!) for us to find you, and it's embarrassing for you to be told off by an administrator or a moderator. So don't do it. It's in danger of closing us down, permanently.

So, then:

All text and design is copyright © 2002, 2003 Amanda Collingridge, Alex Apple, Larry D Burns. All characters, situations and images remain the property of their respective owners. The text and webdesign of this site may not be copied, reproduced, mirrored, printed commercially or ripped off in any other way. Do not hotlink directly to images hosted on this site.


There are "unbugged" movie screenshots (without the Snowblood Apple logo) which we have taken and which have not been used on this site. Mail us for access to these to upload to your own website or webspace.

Thank you for reading this lengthy document, understanding and complying with our requests.

The Snowblood Apple Team.